Travel Day to Monte Sano SP, Huntsville, Alabama - Wed, August 6, 2014

A - Myrtle Beach State Park, Myrtle Beach, SC - June 18-25
B - Zooland Family Campground, Asheboro, NC - June 25-26
C - Stony Fork Campground, Wytheville, VA - June 26-July 2
D - Natural Bridge State Park, Slade, KY - July 2-13
E - Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, KY - July 13-17
F - Canal COE Campground, Grand Rivers, Ky - July 17-24
G - Texas T Campground, Cornersville, TN - July 24-28
H - Floating Mill COE Campground, Silver Point, TN - July 28-Aug 1

I - Cumberland Mountain SP, Crossville, TN – August 1-6
J - Monte Sano State Park, Huntsville, AL - August 6-13 

We enjoyed our stay at Cumberland Mountain State Park.  It is located just south of Crossville, TN on Rt 127.  Our plan is to continue south on Rt 127 to Rt 28 towards Huntsville, Alabama.  Yesterday, we learned that our route was along The Longest Yard Sale in America!!  Yep, every year, from the first Thursday through Sunday of August, there is a yard sale along Rt 127. 

It begins in Addison, Michigan and runs for 690 miles south to Gadsden, Alabama!!!
00 - Rt 127 Yardsale Map - 690 miles from Addison, MI to Gadsden, AL

Tennessee actually starts its yard sales on Monday :o((

We decided to leave as early as possible to beat the shopping traffic.

When we pulled out of the campground onto Rt 127,

everything looked peaceful and quiet!!

02 - Heading down Rt 127

We only had to travel 44 miles on Rt 127 and there were plenty of sales along the way.

Mile after mile of little yard sale villages.

I kept thinking...
They must  be re-selling all the stuff that all the RV-Dreamers sold to start full-timing;o))
After 44 miles, the Yard Sales headed left and we headed right on Rt. 28.03 - Yard Sale heads left and we head left

The ride south from there was beautiful and traffic free!!

04 - Beautiful drive to Alabama


 This is Baby’s first visit to Alabama.
 05 - Welcome to Alabama

Monte Santo State Park sits on top of the mountain just outside of Huntsville, Alabama.
Monte Sano, Spanish for “Mountain of Health,” rises more than 1,600 feet above sea level.

Be sure to come in from the south on Monte Santo Blvd
to avoid the length restricted route from the north.

06 - Welcome to Monte Santo

Monte Santo is another CCC built State Park and Campground.

When you make a reservation, you cannot reserve a specific site.  Upon arrival, you get to ride through and choose the site you want from those that are available.  We had made reservations for a 30amp W&E site.  

However, there was a very nice FHU 50amp pull-thru, Site 82 available and we took that one.

07 - Monte Sano SP, Huntsville, AL Site 82 FHU 50amp pullthru   07b - Monte Sano SP, Huntsville, AL Site 82 FHU 50amp pullthru

Once we got set up, we took a walk to check out the park.

Click on any photo to enlarge or hover your mouse on any photo for a description.

08e - Monte Sano - CCC Museum - original park Entrance gate

There are 13 CCC built cabins, updated with modern amenities, available to rent.08a - CCC Cabins (13)

08e2 - Monte Sano - CCC Memorial Garden 08e3 - Monte Sano - CCC Memorial Garden

08a2 - Monte Sano Lodge Entrance

Monte Sano Lodge can be rented for special functions, but not for overnight lodging.

08a3 - Monte Sano Lodge Front  08a4 - Monte Sano Lodge Back
08a5 - Monte Sano Lodge Amphitheater

There is an 18 hole disk golf course through the woods ?!?!!!
   08f - Monte Sano - Disk Golf      08f2 - Monte Sano - Disk Golf

There is a Planetarium which has a different program every Saturday evening.08d - Monte Sano - Von Braun Planetarium

The campground has 2 loops and a total of 84 sites.09 - Monte Sano - Campground Loop 1

 The sites are well spaced out and level:o))
 09b - Monte Sano - Campground Loop 2 - Our Site 82
We came here with hopes to do some hiking.  The park and surrounding preserved lands provides miles and miles of hiking trails for all skill levels.  Now, if only the weather will cooperate.  The forecast for our week here calls for rain almost everyday with temperatures near 90 degrees. 

we can get out early and beat the rain and the heat ;o))


  1. I have always wanted to do the "Longest Yard Sale in America"! Rick...not so much.'ll have to tell me all about it the next time we meet :)
    Hope the rain has let up. Send some to northern Michigan. It's crispy here.

  2. Welcome to Alabama! Guy and I met you both at the RV Dreams Rally in Tennessee. We live on Lake Martin about 3 hours South of where you are. If you are heading this way let us know we could met you or have you over for lunch or dinner.

  3. Boy you sure do find some good ones. That looks like a great park and a beautiful site. Guess we are for sure going to have to put that on our list since it has all the CCC stuff. LOL What is Bill's handicap for disc golf???

  4. Disc golf is popular in Alabama - several of the college campuses have it.

  5. Looks likes nice place to explore! We have seen disc golf at several parks but have never tried it.....I fear it would end up bad since I can't throw worth a bean!

  6. Did you see any of your old stuff in that yard sale? I'm sure some of my junk, er, stuff must have made it there! ;c)

  7. Oh my, I've heard of the longest yard sale, but I'm afraid we'd be driving fast by them! That park looks wonderful. Not a huge fan of disc golf, but if it gets people moving, I'm all for it!

  8. What a wonderful looking park! I can hardly wait until we are able to travel east much to see!
    Safe travels!