Hiking At Monte Sano State Park – Thursday to Tuesday, Aug 7-12, 2014

The main reason we came to Monte Sano State Park was to do some (a lot of) hiking;o)) 
There are 14 miles of trails in the state park
 the surrounding Land Trust trails easily doubles that number!!
For a map of Monte Sano State Park and Land Trust hiking trails click HERE.
Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate during our stay.
We managed 3 hikes in 6 days and the rest of the time it rained;o((
Also, if we were to come back, it would be in the Spring or Fall. 
Just TOO hot in August!!
Our first and favorite hike was
The Sinks Trail to the Stone Cut Trail and back to The Sinks!!
00 - The Sinks Trailhead
As the names sounds, The Sinks Trail goes down, down, down!!01 - The Sinks - Down, down, down02 - The Sinks - Down, down, down
Along the way The Sinks Trail intersects with several other trails03 - Mountain Mist Trail Intersection   04 - Goat Trail Intersection
    before you reach The Stone Cut Trail.   
 05 - Stone Cut Trailhead
You follow the Stone Cut Trail a short distance and come to the Stone Cut Bypass.05b - Stone Cut Trailhead and bypass
DO NOT TAKE the bypass or you will miss the best part of the hike :o))
Click on any photo to enlarge or hover your mouse on any photo for a description.
There is a reason it is called the STONE CUT trail ;o)
OK, Here we go…
06 - OK, Here we go
Through the Stone                                                   Over the Stone
07 - Through the stones   08 - over the stones
Into the Stone
09 - Into the Stones   09a - Into the Stones
Inside the Stone
10 - In the Stones   10b - In the Stones
Climbing out of the Stone
11 - Climbing out of the Stones   11b - Climbing out of the Stones
That was REALLY Fun!!!
12 - That was really FUN!!
Headed home on The Sinks Trail.
13 - Headed Home Up, Up, Up
What went down… must come up ;o))

We managed two other hikes between the rain drops. They were nice loop walks along the plateau and through the woods.  With stormy weather all around, we were afraid to attempt some of the other challenging hikes.  There really are some wonderful trails here, but you need good weather to enjoy them.  Monte Sano is a very nice state park with a good campground.  We hope to get back here and enjoy more hiking!!!


  1. You're right. That looks like a very fun trail....and a bit strenuous.

  2. Reminds me a lot of the trails in Acadia. I give you credit for managing it in the heat and humidity!

  3. That trail was a hoot. You didn't mention it, but who cut the trail in those rocks? ;c)

  4. How very cool! I love hikes that have interesting geological features on the trail. Makes it more fun :)

  5. Very cool trail. Almost reminded me of some of the slot canyons out west...just not as tight :)
    You'll have to choose a cooler weather setting next summer. I highly recommend Michigan :) Awesome places to hike and our temps have averaged about 75 all summer. Hard to beat.

  6. Oh bummer about the rain but I laughed out loud at your over/under/in/around stones. Looks like you had a great time!