Next Stop, Cumberland Mtn SP, Crossville, TN – Fri to Wed, Aug 1-6, 2014

00 - Travel Map to Cumberland Mountain SP, Crossville, TN A - Myrtle Beach State Park, Myrtle Beach, SC - June 18-25
B - Zooland Family Campground, Asheboro, NC - June 25-26
C - Stony Fork Campground, Wytheville, VA - June 26-July 2
D - Natural Bridge State Park, Slade, KY - July 2-13
E - Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, KY - July 13-17
F - Canal COE Campground, Grand Rivers, Ky - July 17-24
G - Texas T Campground, Cornersville, TN - July 24-28
H - Floating Mill COE Campground, Silver Point, TN - July 28-Aug 1

I - Cumberland Mountain SP, Crossville, TN – August 1-6 

Friday, August 1, 2014 – Travel day to Cumberland Mountain SP, Crossville, TN

Today, we were moving just 60 miles east to Cumberland Mountain State Park in Crossville, Tennessee.  There was no rush to leave so we headed down to say our “See You Down The Roads” to David and Sharon who were staying one more day. 
When we arrived, we were treated to a mini-concert:o)) David sang two songs he wrote.  One was about floating down the Caney Fork River which reminded us of our kayak trip with them.  The other was about a trip to Mexico, Sun Tan Lotion and just doing what is necessary to make things work out ;o))

David is a very talented singer and song writer!!01 - David - A singer songwriter

Sharon has a beautiful voice also…  Yes, we heard your harmonies :o))01 - Sharon - a great harmonizer

Thanks for the a great time and we wish you a speedy Plan A !!!


It was an easy drive along I-40 east on a spectacular day :o)

02 - Beautiful Travel Day  02b - Beautiful Travel Day

We arrived at Cumberland Mountain SP just about lunch time.

There are 5 campground areas and we are in area 2, site 51.

09 - Cumberland Mountain SP - Camping Area 2 - our area03a - Cumberland Mountain SP, Crossville, Tn Site 5103b - Cumberland Mountain SP, Crossville, Tn Site 51

Area 1 or 2 are the easiest areas to get into.  The other areas are very hilly and can be tricky.


After we got set up, we headed out to explore the park.

03c - Cumberland Mountain SP, campsites to right everything else left

We stopped by the office/visitor center where I snapped this photo and history article.

03c2 - Cumberland Mountain SP, Old aerial photo 03c3 - Cumberland Mountain SP, Old History Article

As the article states,

The CCC built the park and there is a beautiful monument recognizing their contribution.

Click on any photo to enlarge or hover your mouse on any photo for a description.

The CCC built the Bridge and Dam across Byrd Creek.


Views from the bridge…

Byrd Creek Lake                                                              Mill House Lodge03e5 - Cumberland Mountain SP, crossing the bridge, Byrd Lake 03e6 - Cumberland Mountain SP, Mill House Lodge on Byrd Creek

State Park Lakeside Restaurant 
03e7 - Cumberland Mountain SP, Restaurant


The Bridge is Beautiful !!!03e8 - Cumberland Mountain SP, View of Bridge from behind Restaurant


Everywhere you go, you see the influence of the CCC construction style.

The Amphitheater

04a - Cumberland Mountain SP, Amphitheater Built by CCC04b - Cumberland Mountain SP, Amphitheater Built by CCC

The Boat House

05 - Cumberland Mountain SP, Boat Dock05b - Cumberland Mountain SP, Boat Dock free kayaking - BUSY

This summer, boat rentals are free because they received a grant that covers the costs!!!


There are 30 cabins and how about electric car chargers;o))

Many of Tennessee State Parks are being upgraded. 

At our campground, all the sites have been up-graded to 50amps!!


They have built a new Visitor Center/Museum which is not open yet.

It is a beautiful building in keeping with the CCC building style!!07b - Cumberland Mountain SP, New Visitor Center 07c - Cumberland Mountain SP, New Visitor Center07d - Cumberland Mountain SP, New Visitor Center

The stonework on the floors and walkways is amazing!!!


The restaurant and patio are also in the CCC building style.08 - Cumberland Mountain SP, Restaurant08b - Cumberland Mountain SP, Restaurant Patio

The restaurant gets wonderful reviews…  may have to give it a try:o))

But first, we need to find the hiking trails and golf course!!


  1. We did the Seafood night at the restaurant. It was quite good.
    Yes, some of that park is a bit tricky to maneuver with a big rig :) Glad to hear they are upgrading more of it to 50 amp. More sewer sites would be nice too :)

  2. The CCC did some amazing work. Wonder where our parks would be today without their labors? All that stone work will certainly last for years to come. Glad that was the building product of choice, imagine what that would cost to do today!

  3. Very nice job of picking the right campground for Baby. You must have done some mighty research to know which were hilly. Your site looks really nice. David would love this CCC park. What a really beautiful bridge. This looks just like my kind of place. Nice pick!!

  4. That looks like a really nice campground, and a beautiful picture of the bridge!

  5. How can you be posting about the two of you being at Cumberland Mountain State Park when we are still with you at Floating Mill? .... well at least in our hearts and minds. May the road shorten and the curves straighten to let our paths cross again soon.
    With love,
    Davy & Sharon