Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Topic Three–January 28 to February 8, 2013

We stayed at Jonathan Dickinson State Park for 11 days. Gin and Syl arrived a day after us. Unfortunately, they both contracted “The Flu” at Disney World;o((  So they just stayed put and spent several days kicking the bug!!  A little later in the week, Dan and Tricia arrived.  Rather than do a day by day account, we will cover our stay here by topics. Click on any topic to go there directly.


We spent a lot of time riding bikes and hiking the trails. 
Along the way, we saw some beautiful animals and birds:o))
The day we arrived at the park, we saw a pair of Bald Eagles.
Ball Eagle Pair
Never saw them again;o((
Everyday, Nancy would go Alligator hunting at the pond;o)
Alligator in pond Alligator Sunning
Alligator getting out of water
Yep, this is the alligator the sign at the gazebo warned us about!!
The American Kestrel, was a new bird for us.
It is a small, 12 inch hawk.
Nancy tried for days to get a good close-up, but it just didn’t happen:o((
We have no idea what type of lizard this is.
Curly Tail Lizard
But you have to love that curly tail;o))

With all the water around us,
the Osprey were everywhere!!Osprey 2
Osprey 3 Osprey 4

Beautiful Butterflies
 Monarch - Butterfly  Zebra Butterfly - Florida State Butterfly
The stripped butterfly on the right is a Zebra, the Florida State Butterfly.
In the middle of the State Park is a Horse Corral.
Horse Corral
They offer trail or wagon rides.
We rode our bikes down to the river boat launch area.
There were woodpeckers everywhere!!
Pileated Woodpecker                                           Red-bellied WoodpeckerPileated WoodpeckerRed-Bellied Woodpecker
How about both on the same tree?!?!?
Red-Bellied  and Pileated Woodpecker
Downy Woodpecker                                                      Red-headed WoodpeckerDowny Woodpecker Red-Headed Woodpecker
Also hanging around the river was a Great Blue Heron and a Little Blue Heron.
 Great Blue Heron on Mangroves   Little Blue Heron
Nancy took what she calls a “ME” walk;o)) 
She loves to just wander quietly in the early morning.
She got her first pictures of the Florida Scrub-Jay.
Scrub Jay 1  Scrub Jay 3
She calls this picture ‘Angry Bird’ ;o))
Scrub Jay Angry Bird
She also photographed a couple other first time birds for her:o))
She thinks this is a Loggerhead Shrike??
Loggerhead Shrike 2
Another first was the Northern Flicker!!
Northern Flicker
It really is amazing what you see
when you slow down and look around!!


  1. Great pictures. I especially like the double header of two woodpeckers on one tree!

    That isn't a Loggerhead Shrike. It looks like a juvenile Mockingbird to me.

  2. I loved angry bird :)
    Don't have too many cool adventures while we're gone. I won't have time to keep up with you! Will be back to reading in 3 weeks or so :)

  3. Love the bird pictures! We will hit the road again in about a month and start posting again. Safe travels.

  4. Nice pictures! I love the "Angry Bird"!

  5. With all those woodpeckers, it's a wonder there are any trees left standing! Once again, I'm in awe at your fabulous bird pictures. Really great! :c)

  6. I loved the walk with the woodpeckers! It was so cool to see the 2 different ones on the same tree! Great memories!

  7. Beautiful shots as always. Must never tire of the flora & fauna in Florida!

  8. Very nice Scrub jay pictures. Don't think I knew there was a horse corral at Jonathan Dickinson?? You make the place look like a haven for wildlife but then you always do attract them. I get much better pictures with you around to call them in. :-)

  9. Great pictures of the wood peckers. Sounds like you guys had a great time there.

  10. Great shot of the woodpeckers sharing one tree. And love the Angry Bird -- what a hoot!

  11. The lizard is a "curly tail lizard" the are an invasive species and eat florida's native lizards. Nice pictures of the birds!!