Everglades National Park, Day 2 – Saturday – February 9, 2013

Day 2 – Checking Out the Neighborhood  
Yesterday, after we finished setting up,
we visited with Sherry and David who are camped on Site 15

at the other end of our row.
03o - walking Guy Bradley Trail to Visitor Center
They gave us some pointers since they have been here a week already. 

Sherry told us where to find the sunrise, so that's the first thing we did today.

Sherry beat us there, but we all got to view a nice sunrise!!
01 - Sherry waiting for the sunrise  02d - Sunrise Sequence03b - walking Guy Bradley Trail to Visitor Center - Copy


We watched the sunrise at the picnic area near the amphitheater.00 - Campground Map

After that we walked the Guy Bradley Trail to the Visitor Center and Marina.
03 - walking Guy Bradley Trail to Visitor Center - Copy 
03d - walking Guy Bradley Trail to Visitor Center - Copy  03g - walking Guy Bradley Trail to Visitor Center - Copy

Arial view of the Visitor Center and Marina.00b - overhead view of Flamingo development 

We saw another sunrise view and the fisherman heading out.
03e - walking Guy Bradley Trail to Visitor Center - Copy  03f - walking Guy Bradley Trail to Visitor Center - Copy 

They visitor center wasn’t open yet, so we headed back to the campsite for breakfast.
I went left (the shortest route) and Nancy went right to check things out;o))03k - walking Guy Bradley Trail to Visitor Center - Copy

Of course, she met this adorable Red Shoulder Hawk which just posed for her!!
03m - walking Guy Bradley Trail to Visitor Center 03l - walking Guy Bradley Trail to Visitor Center - Copy 03n - walking Guy Bradley Trail to Visitor Center

Eventually, she made it back to our campsite and we got our breakfast!!03p - walking Guy Bradley Trail to Visitor Center 
There's our rig in the middle of this photo.


After breakfast, we decided to ride our bikes around the other campground loops.

Loops A, B, C and the Walk-in Tent area do not have hookups.
 4b - bike ride - tent camp loops

They do have bath houses with solar powered hot showers!!4a - bike ride - solar shower

The walk-in tent camping area has the best location with a great view of Florida Bay.4c - bike ride - walk in tent area along Florida Bay  4d - bike ride - kayak with sail, pedals and pontoon


We rode around the marina
where we saw an Osprey enjoying lunch and a Crocodile sunning.
07 - Osprey a Fish Dinner  06b - crocidile


We went in to the visitor center education section to learn something about where we are.
(click on any photo to enlarge)
   5a - visitor center - ecosystems

   5b - visitor center - ecosystems

5i - the end of the road  5j- Flamingo History

Yes, we have lots to learn;o))
5k - lots to learn

As we mentioned before,
we have no internet, no cell phone and no television :o))
So everyday, we go to the visitor center to photograph the weather forecast, 5d - weather

the daily activity scheduled and tides5h - Daily Board

and the future ranger-led activities.  05f - Ranger Programs Fri 2-15There is plenty to do and learn while you are here!!

In the evening, at the Amphitheater, there is a Ranger Presentation. 

Since there is no view of the western horizon, we cannot see the sunset.

But we would go early enough to see the Night arrive;o))07b - End of Day at Amphitheater 
It gets REALLY dark here!!!


  1. So glad to have spent some time with you at this beautiful place. You know its going to be wonderful when a hawk poses on your first morning. Great pictures!

  2. What a great list of activities. Can't wait to hear about all you did.

  3. The next time we are in South FL, we will have to check out the Flamingo Campground. We saw it a few years ago, but there was no electricity. Looks like a great place to spend some time.

  4. I'm glad to see you've ;earned not to stick your hand into a live gator's mouth... ;c)

  5. Very cool that they have so much to teach you there. Sure you learned a lot :)

  6. Looks like lots of fun in the sun! Enjoy!

  7. Great recap of the campground at Flamingo. We enjoyed our time there in December. It looks like there are more people now. You did a great job with all the pictures and information!