Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Topic One–January 28 to February 8, 2013

We stayed at Jonathan Dickinson State Park for 11 days.  Gin and Syl arrived a day after us. Unfortunately, they both contracted “The Flu” at Disney World;o((  So they just stayed put and got better for several days. A little later in the week, Dan and Tricia arrived.  Rather than do a day by day account, we will cover our stay here by topics. 
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We left Fort Wilderness at Disney World on Tuesday, January 28th and headed southeast to Jonathan Dickinson State Park.  It is located off Route 1 between Hobe Sound and the Loxahatchee River – south of Stuart and north of Jupiter, Florida.
State Park Entrance with the Campground in the background.05 - Entrance and Campground
From the parking lot at the entrance,
you can access the Florida Trail and read about Jonathan Dickinson’s shipwreck. 05c - Florida Trail Sign 05b - Jonathan Dickinson Shipwreck Sign
It was interesting to learn that
Jonathan Dickinson was a Quaker and he was headed to our birth state of PA.
The campground is tree-less and right next to the highway;o((  Apparently, both hurricanes and an uncontrolled prescribed burn managed to eradicate all the trees.  It would be a wonderful campground if it was moved further into the State Park, away from the road and they could get some trees to grow.   02c - Campground 202c - Campground 
All the sites are full hookup and level with a patio area :o)
Our site 46 was in the perfect location. 
About as far from the road as you can get and it was positioned to avoid the afternoon sun!!
Did I mention it was too windy to put your awning out;o((
01 - Site 46 02 - Site 46 Front Yard 
We managed to get this site by sheer luck – somebody cancelled;o)))

Dan and Tricia's Site
02b - Dan and Tricia Campsite 
Poor Gin and Syl were at the top of the hill right next to the highway;o((02b2 - Gin and Syl Campsite 
This little gazebo by the pond was a great spot to watch the sun set at the campground.
02d - Funny Sign 
Love the sign!!
Appears they worry about the pets, but people can go sit on the bench;o))
The best place to get some perspective about the size of this large park is at
Hobe Mountain Tower.
The Tower is about a mile and a half ride or walk from the campground.
03 - Hobe Tower - Road 03a - Hobe Tower - from below
03b - Hobe Tower - Sign
03c - Hobe Tower - Boardwalk
Originally, the state park land was known as Camp Murphy,
a military radar training facility. 
 03l - Hobe Tower - Camp Murphy Sign 
03m - Hobe Tower - Camp Murphy Map
The State Park extends from Route 1 on it’s east border,
4 miles west to the Loxahatchee River.
The Florida East Coast Rail Lines cuts through the middle of the park.
Looking West toward the Loxahatchee River and the Rail Line.
03f - Hobe Tower - Looking West 03i - Hobe Tower - Train

View North toward Stuart
 03e - Hobe Tower - Looking North

View East toward Route 1, Hobe Sound, Jupiter Island and the Atlantic Ocean.
03d - Hobe Tower - Looking East 
Many famous rich people, like Tiger Woods,
own mansions on  Jupiter Island along Hobe Sound.
03n - Hobe Tower - Jupiter Inlet and Atlantic Ocean 03d2 - Hobe Tower - Looking East Jupiter Inlet and Atlantic Ocean
Looking South toward the campground and Jupiter Florida.
03g - Hobe Tower - Looking South 03g2 - Hobe Tower - Looking South Campground and Jupiter
Anytime of the day, you could meet nice people enjoying the view from the tower.
03j - Hobe Tower - At the top

It is a 4 mile drive from the campground to the river on the western boarder.
Most of the state park is undeveloped land.04 - State Park - Road to River
If you prefer to ride your bike, there is a paved bike trail which runs from the campground,
along the railroad line down to the river campground and the State Park Visitor Center.
04 - State Park - old route 1 along train tracks 06 - Train Tracks South 
Very interesting Vistor and Educational Center near the river. 
04a4 - State Park - Kimbell Center
You can rent canoes and kayaks or take a river cruise to Trapper Nelsons.04a3b - State Park - Loxahatchee River Dock 04a3 - State Park - Loxahatchee River Boat Tour
We paddled our Sea Eagles to see his interesting homestead, but that is a full blog itself;o))


  1. Impressive park and history. Looks like a great place to kick back and recover from Disney :)

  2. Oh the memories! We had a blast at J-DICK but could have done without the wind and noise! :-)

  3. Very interesting state park. Does look like a good place to recover from Disney. :)

  4. It was indeed a large park. Wish the wind hadn't been so strong. The area was very nice though.

  5. Another gem of a park to visit. Very interesting tour, loved the historical signs, gives a special flavor to what you see. Nice way to unwind from all the hustle and bustle of Disney. ;c)

  6. What a thorough tour of the park. Great idea for when you want to remember which park is which. Or is that just my memory where the specifics begin to fade a little too fast? :-))

  7. Thanks for the tour of the park. I'm making note of site 46. We want to stay there a few nights on the way to the Keys in a few weeks, but unfortunately no sites available in the newer section and I'm worried about fitting into the older sites.

    It definitely looks bad with all the damaged trees. I remember kayaking on the Loxahatchee River and getting LOST! There aren't too many rivers you can get lost on, but that is one of them. I haven't been too anxious to go back although we now have a gps which would probably have helped!

    Let us know when you get to Lazy Days. We'd like to meet you and pick your brains about vegan eating.

  8. Thanks for the tour. We had reservations here one time and a storm cancelled our plans when it flooded the campground.

  9. Enjoyed the tour and the historical signs. Have never heard of Camp Murphy but there are a lot of those type of Army settlements around from the war. The campground looks like it is well taken care of.