Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Topic Six–January 28 to February 8, 2013

We stayed at Jonathan Dickinson State Park for 11 days. Gin and Syl arrived a day after us. Unfortunately, they both contracted “The Flu” at Disney World;o(( So they just stayed put and spent several days kicking the bug!! A little later in the week, Dan and Tricia arrived. Rather than do a day by day account, we will cover our stay here by topics.  Click on any link below to go to that topic.

When Gin and Syl were feeling better, we decided to pack a lunch and take a driving tour of Jupiter Island.  It was a 23 mile loop around Hobe Sound and through Jupiter Island.
Jupiter Island is one of those “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” places. 
We started our tour driving south with the first stop at Jupiter Lighthouse. 
While we were on the lighthouse grounds, we watched the drawbridge over Hobe Sound open and allow a tall sailboat to pass from the Ocean to the Sound.  Then we crossed the bridge onto Jupiter Island.  The wonderful landscaping at the bridge was just the beginning of a beautiful ride.
1 - Tour - Hobe Sound drawbridge 3 - Tour - Palms at Bridge 
Our original view of Jupiter Island from the top of Hobe Mountain Tower allowed us to see some very large mansions on the island.  I pulled a couple photos from the internet to give you some idea of the type of homes we would NOT see.
Tiger Woods' Home and 3 golf holes!!
Celine Dion's Home and water park!!

Yes, we passed driveway after driveway, but most of these monster homes were tucked down long driveways and sat behind very dense but gorgeous landscaping.
4 - Tour - Jupiter Drive
4a - Tour - Jupiter Drive
Even though this area is populated by the VERY wealthy,
they did have public beach accesses that were real nice. 
We stopped at several to see the beach and enjoyed our packed lunches.
5b7 - Tour - Coral Cove - Syl Playing on Rocks
Access to the beach is through long Sea Grape tunnels. 
5b2 - Tour - First Beach Access - Sea Grape access tunnel
They have very wide dunes!!
   5 - Tour - First Beach Access - Clouds
There was a walkway along the dunes with another tunnel through the Sea Grapes:o)5b1 - Tour - First Beach Access - Sea Grapes along dunes

Beautiful Birds
Royal Tern                                                                                               Ruddy Turnstone
5b5 - Tour - First Beach Access - Royal Tern5b6 - Tour - First Beach Access - Ruddy Turnstone
Pelicans against a beautiful sky!!!5b3 - Tour - First Beach Access - Pelicans in the sky
This beach had some large rocks along the shore. 
Very lovely to watch the waves crash.
5b8a - Tour - Coral Cove - Surf on Rocks
Of course, someone had to climb the rocks…
Yep, Syl was feeling better :o))
5b7b - Tour - Coral Cove - Syl Playing on Rocks   5b8 - Tour - Coral Cove - Syl Playing on Rocks
Nancy missed the best photo!! 
Just as Syl raised her arms in triumph,
a wave hit the rock and reminded Syl who was in charge;o))
There were few folks in the water and for good reason.
The beach was covered with Man O’Wars which can deliver a serious sting:o((
5b9 - Tour - Coral Cove - Man of War

There were also public access areas to Hobe Sound along the western side of the island. We checked them out for a possible snorkeling adventure next week.  Water was warm enough and clear enough so just have to see how this beautiful weather holds out.
5b11 - Tour - Coral Cove - Looking for Snorkling Site 5b10 - Tour - Coral Cove - Syl on Mangroves
It was a BEAUTIFUL day in a BEAUTIFUL place!!!5b4 - Tour - First Beach Access - Pelicans in the sky

As we came off Jupiter Island and headed south on Route 1 towards the State Park,
we had one other place we wanted to check out.
8 - Hobe Sound Nature Center
This was a real gem.  They had lots of animals to see, but the best thing was the volunteer who worked here.  She was so helpful and truly loved her job and sharing information with us.  She introduced us to a couple of things we would be seeing when we get to the Everglades.
Burmese Python
8b - Hobe Sound Nature Center - Python
Sure hope the only one we see is in a cage;o((

Next we got to compare the Alligator (top) to the Crocodile (bottom).
86c - Hobe Sound Nature Center - Alligator and Crocidile
So CUTE when they’re little ;o)))
Nice way to spend a BEAUTIFUL day!!!


  1. Great tour and great picture of the Ruddy Turnstone - one of my favorites.

  2. Such a beautiful place it took you six days to see it all.

    Today's photos of the beach and birds are lovely.

  3. It was so nice to finally feel better and get out to enjoy a beautiful day! The water really wasn't all that cold but no swimming with those jellys. That beautiful landscaping takes too much work but it was a nice ride. We may have to go back again some time.

  4. Well you've got me here. I sure missed this drive and the mature center. I think we didn't stay at JD long enough. Looks like a really great time.

  5. Hahaha Mature center. clearly that is what I need. hate this phone

  6. Holy cow! Celine Dion has a water park on her property???

    Y'all sure look like you're having a good time.

  7. Such great, great memories. Thanks taking us back!

  8. So is it true the pythons taste like chicken? They did provide free samples, right?

    Funny Syl trying to outdo King Neptune. He sure got the last laugh! :cD