June 7, 2018 - Photos - GRSM NP - Abrams Falls Trail Hike

Abrams Falls Trail Hike

Today's Travel Map

Click for Abrams Falls Trail details

Drive from Campground to Trailhead

Entering Cades Cove

Reached Trailhead Early... Lots of Parking:o))

Start of Trail

Off We Go... Lots of Ups and Downs!!!

First View of Abrams Falls... Nobody here but US :o))

Time to head back... before the crowds arrive!!

Finding Hairbands...  It makes us SMILE:o)))

Hiking Barefoot.... OUCH!!!

 Whew... we beat the crowds!!!

Four hours later... heading home;-)

Cades Cove Bear Jam... only took 2 hours to get home;o(((

Another GREAT Day!!!


  1. Another GREAT Day...for sure! Looks fabulous!What a spectacular hike!

    1. It is one of our FAVORITE hikes!!! But you will get a workout...lots of ups & downs;o))

  2. So, how did that bear jam taste? :cD

    1. Don't know?? It was ALL gone by the time we got there;o))

  3. Somehow I missed this one. I remember doing this with you guys when we came to the Sevierville Rally. Still beautiful but 2 hours to drive back. UGGG!!