June 16 & 17, 2018 - Photos - GRSM NP - Weekends Make Good Rest Days

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is America's most visited national park.  Approximately 10 million people visit per year.

That's more than double the next closest National Park!!

So WEEKENDS we leave to everyone else;o))

We call these "Rest Days!!"

Just hanging out at the campsite and watching the birds:o))

Beautiful start to the day....

The Birdfeeders Provide Hours of Entertainment:o))

Baby looks great in our beautiful site!! 

Won't be long until we have 'Mater' Sandwiches!!

Almost Time To Make PESTO:o)) 

Eat Your Clover  &  Don't Touch The Basil 

Afternoon Storms Rolling Over The Mountains


  1. Wow what fun to see all the birds at your feeder. What in the world do the blue birds eat there? Apparently the thistle. Guess the bears don't come down out of the mountains to raid your feeders. They wouldn't let us have them up in Shenandoah. Those are some tomatoes. Tomato pesto sandwiches sound fabulous. You have lots of pots to keep watered in the heat. Is that 5 pesto and how many tomatoes?

    1. The bluebirds were just taking a rest...they don't eat anything at this fast food stop;o))

      Two tomato plants, 3 regular basil for pesto and 2 lettuce leaf basil which I use on sandwiches. You can NEVER have too much basil!!! Only water once in a while...we are having enough rain to take care of that chore.