June 18, 2018 - Photos - GRSM NP - Cucumber Gap Loop Trail

Today's Travel Map
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Heading Into The Park
Driving The Park Road
Only  A Few In The Parking Lot :o)

First part of Cucumber Gap Loop Trail is Little River Trail

At the beggining of the trail, we saw remains of old summer homes.

The hike was along the river and was spectacular!!!

Green, Dark and Moist... 
Perfect conditions for mushrooms!!! 

Near the end of the trail, we saw Husky Branch Falls

Shortly after the falls, you turn right to begin Cucumber Gap Trail
This trail was a more challenging hike in the woods.
Carefully crossing a creek ;o)

The Trail was uphill with lots of rocks, roots and other challenges!!

But EVERYTHING, above & below, was GREEN:o)) 

You had to look very carefully to find the WILDLIFE;-))

The last leg of the loop was Jakes Creek Trail.

The trail was actually an abandon road.
The road led to summer homes which were abandoned when the NP was created.
At the end of the road,
some of the former resort village was preserved.

Back at the trailhead parking and time to find a lunch spot.

You don't have to drive far....
ANY pull off will be a beautiful spot!!!

Waiting our turn to cross the One-Lane Bridge to drive back to our campground.


  1. Three trails for one hike. Super! The river looks gorgeous. Love the falls of course. Everything looks lush – humid? Goodness looks like the trail committee overlooked that tree. I thought Bill would just pick it up for you to walk under. Don’t we have a picture of him doing that in Acadia? I’m thinking we saw the abandoned resort village when we stayed in Elkmont campground. Perhaps even walked from the campground to it. Sweet lunch spot!

  2. You can actually see Elkmont Campground from the abandoned resort village...no doubt you saw it. It is VERY humid and rain EVERY day:o(( Makes things green, makes the rivers runs and falls flow, but enough is enough!!

  3. People would pay big bucks for a lunch spot like that. And to think, you got it for free!!! A super reward for a great hiking morning. :c)

    1. It's ALL about knowing the "Right" people;o)) Good to hear from you and hope you had a great cruise!!!