June 14, 2018 - Photos - GRSM NP - West Prong Trail Hike

Today's Travel Map

Click for West Prong Trail details

Leaving the campground, we made a right

which took us to the Townsend NP Entrance.

The Trailhead Is Near The Tremont Institute

We were only hiking to the Backcountry Campsite 18
It is a pretty hike in the woods!!

Down, through a Rhododendron Tunnel

Approaching Backcountry Campsite 18

Campsites on both sides of the stream


 Almost makes us want to tent camp ;o))

Definitely Mushroom Country

Just as beautiful on the trip back!!

Time to find the perfect lunch spot.

We drove the park road toward Sugarland Visitor Center.

Not to far past the official picnic area, 
we found the PERFECT spot:o))

Welcome to our lunch spot :o))

Now to find the PERFECT seat...

Yea... I believe this will do ;o))

Feels good to soak tired hiking feet 
in the cool mountain stream!

Need to be very careful on the slippery rocks!!

A lot safer way to cool my feel :o)

Heading home over one lane bridge to Line Springs Road

Just a half mile from our campsite is...

The Perfect Produce Stand!!


  1. Wow what a lovely hike and beautiful campsites. Great mushroom pics. You are going to be in rhododendron heaven before long. Sweet spot for a picnic. Bet that water was cold!

    1. Yea...the rhododendron are really beginning to pop:o)) Water was cold, but actually felt good after our hike as the temps headed toward 90 degrees:o((