June 13, 2018 - Photos - GRSM NP - A Rest Day


Today we just hung out at our campground.

Our legs need a REST ;o))

Honeysuckle Meadow RV Park is a small park, 
with some beautiful views!!

Nancy's Morning Walk

View of Roundtop Mountain

View of Cove Mountain

Across the road there are...
 Miniature Horses and a Pig

Walking back up the RV Park drive

I spotted a 'Deer' ;-))

Beautiful Pool and Deli

Behind the pool is a beautiful picnic area!!

The BIGGEST & STURDIEST picnic table I have seen!!

While I was walking...Bill was cleaning...imagine that!!!

This summer I decided to try tomato plants.
WELL....they are doing very well:o))

Today is our 48th Wedding Anniversary!!
We decided to celebrate at Mel's Diner.
We love diner food :o))

Our evening stroll....

Mountain Cottages 

View of Cove Mountain from the Pool & Picnic area.

I believe Bill needs a Highchair ;o))

Muscovy Duck
The Odd Couple
Just Enjoying The Views!!! 


  1. Happy Anniversary! 48 years WOW!! Married at 12? That's awfully young.
    We love Diners too. But what did you have there and how was the food?
    LOVE the picture of Bill and that very substantial table. I'm still wondering about the heat down from the top of those mountains where you are. Boy do those tomatoes look fantastic! Are you able to have the bird feeders out or no because of bears?

    1. Thanks Sherry!! It is hot if you aren't at the top of Clingman!! We get out early and back by noon. Afternoon thunderstorms are a common occurrence, but we use afternoon breaks to take our naps;o)) We do have the bird feeders out and haven't had a bear issue. So lots of goldfinch, house finch, nuthatches, hummers and chickadees!!! Bill had a cheese steak and I had a ruben...both were wickedly good!!!

  2. Love the picture of Bill at the table. Happy Anniversary LOVE BIRDS!

  3. Happy anniversary. We just had our 45 the. My how time flies. They looks like a nice RV park. We may have to take a run up there. We're heading to Blairsville now. Interesting deer.

    1. Yes...the years do fly by!! Hope the weather is cooler and dryer in Blairsville. Safe Travels...