June 10, 2018 - Photos - GRSM NP - Maryville & The Foothills Parkway

Roadtrip to Maryville, TN
Foothills Parkway

Today's Travel Map

Storm Clouds and Rainbow over Cove Mountain :o)

Home Sweet Home !!!


  1. No pictures from Walmart? LOL! Really lovely pictures from the foothills parkway and the Look Rock viewpoint. Not surprised there is a rainbow over your campground. Was there rain too? How's the heat? Low 80's in Shenandoah next week and as high as 96 down in the valley. Ugg!

    1. Morning temps are fine, but warm in the afternoons. Going to hit the 90's next week here as well;o(( Being early birds, we have been able to do the things we want and be done by the time it gets really hot and really crowded!!

  2. Loved the picture of your "Home Sweet Home". I know that feeling! :c)