June 12, 2018 - Photos - GRSM NP - Cades Cove Loop Auto Tour

Today's Travel Map

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Entering Cades Cove Loop

First View

Strutting His Stuff

What's He Gobbling At??

There She Is :o))

First Stop

Oh... What A View!!

Next Stop- The Methodist Church

Cades Cove Visitor Center

Blacksmith Building

Cantilever Barn

Grist Mill

We continued around the corner and there they were...

Two Black Bear Sitting In The High Weeds!!!

No Berries...Not Sure What They Were Eating??

They Were Very Close To The Road!!

Around The Next Corner...

Bill Made Himself At Home At Tipton Place

Our Final View Of The Cove...BEAUTIFUL!!!

Heading Home Through The National Park Tunnel

Doe On The Side Of The Mountain!!

Almost Home When We See Cove Mountain...
Our Summer Home!!!


  1. We baked around there early in the morning when they had the road closed to cars the year we stayed at Elkmont campground. Such a sweet area but sad for the folks who left. No bears for us . Lucky you!

    1. I think you meant "Biked" but knowing David, it could be "Baked";o))) It is a beautiful place and everytime we go, we see something else!!!