June 6, 2018 - Photos - GRSM NP - Porters Creek Trail Hike

Hiking Porters Creek Trail

Today's Travel Map

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Owmby Cemetery - dates back to early part of 20th century 

 Fern Branch Falls

Heading Back

We saw just a "little" wildlife;-))

Hmmm... wonder what visited this spot??

Lovely Walk In The Woods!!


  1. Awesome! I'll be following along. We'll be spending a couple of weeks along the lue Ridge Parkway in October. I'm sure you'll give me plenty of ideas for hikes.

    1. Be sure to check this website http://www.hikinginthesmokys.com/
      for hiking in The Smokys. Most of the hikes we will be doing are on the Tennessee Side of the park. The Blue Ridge Parkway meets the Smokys just north of Cherokee, NC. We may get over there, but this time of year with all the tourists, it is a couple hour ride;o((

  2. Replies
    1. Reminds us a lot of the hikes in the Georgia Mountains:o))

  3. Replies
    1. Yep...as long as you get out early... otherwise, you have to share the experience with hundreds of your newest friends;o))

  4. Did you tire Bill out? He looked awfully happy in the "Heading Back" picture... :c)