June 15, 2018 - Photos - GRSM NP - Baskin Creek Falls Hike

Today's Travel Map

Click for Baskin Creek Falls Trail details

We were on the road at Sunrise!!

Drove through Pigeon Forge before it woke up!! 

Hung a left at Bubba Gump to get to the Nature Trail

Follow signs to Motor Nature Trail not Baskin Creek

At the Baskin Creek Trailhead  

Sign warning we will hike through a Burned Area

November 2016 a major forest fire occurred in GRSM NP
It started at Chimney Top.
Click Here to read the details.

The forest is recovering, but there is still evidence of the fire.

Damaged trees fall and block the trail.  

Straight Ahead to the Falls

This part of the trail was steep and rocky!!

 One last CHALLENGE!!

 The Falls were AMAZING!!

The climb back up was a real challenge!!

We took several breaks on the way back up.

 There's the truck...almost back;o))

It was UP all the way to the truck!!!

Beautiful ride through the rest of the Motor Nature Trail.

Gatlinburg has woke up!!!

We decide to go home through the National Park.

Lots of people at Laurel Falls

We stopped at our new favorite produce stand 
where we got fresh peaches & green beans!!

We also got to meet the young owners sweet twin daughters
 their Very Happy Grandmothers:o))


  1. OK, wait a minute, I know I commented on this post. Well......who knows. Anyway I love your travel maps. I remember this sad fire and how big it was and so much loss and damage. I find the idea that some sort of rule could keep those boys and whom every else from being prosecuted for this absolutely outrageous. So sad to see so many dead trees. It sure looks like one stretcher of a hike with poles an absolute necessity but beautiful falls. Your pictures of them are fantastic as is your coverage of the entire day. Thanks!

    1. Yep...hard to understand the law!! But the forest is rejuvenating slowly:o) It was one of the prettiest falls we have seen...we've seen many!!! It was also one of the most difficult falls to access...so not many people go there:o)))

  2. Those hidden gems are always the most rewarding, aren't they? Very pretty waterfall!

    1. Absolutely the most rewarding. If they were easy to get to....EVERYBODY would be there!!!