Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Part 2 – Tuesday – June 25, 2013

Part 2 covers our afternoon activities on the Campobello Island.
If you missed our morning activities on the island, click here!!
Roosevelt Campobello International Park and Herring Cove Provincial Park are side by side and share Glenseven Road, a carriage road. There are several carriage roads and we wanted to bike them, but because of the heat we decided we would be better off driving them.
 00b-Map of drive
So we drove directly across the road to Herring Cove Provincial Park.00a-Herring Cove Provincial Park Sign
We followed Glenseven Road to Con Robinson’s Point.
01 - Con Robinson's Beach - Pebble Beach
It is a beautiful pebbled beach with gorgeous views!!
01b - Con Robinson's Beach - The Point01c - Con Robinson's Beach - view south
What you can’t see is how sloped the pebbled beach really is!!!01d - Con Robinson's Beach - Steep Slope
I decided to walk down to the water to check the temperature;o))01e - Con Robinson's Beach - frigid water and tough to get up
It was frigid, barely 60 degrees!!
However the worst part was getting back up the beach…
Each time you stepped, your foot just sinks and slides back down the hill…
Kind of like being on a pebble treadmill ;o((
When I FINALLY got back up the hill, we just stood there and listened.
Wish I had a way to take a picture of the sound the ocean makes
when it crashes against the beach and rolls all those pebbles.
Next, we made a left onto Liberty Point Road.
We passed Yellow Bank before arriving at Liberty Point.
2 - Yellow Bank on the Liberty Beach Drive03 - Liberty Point
Bill headed out to the lookout while I was wandering around the shore.
(click on any photo to enlarge)
03a - Liberty Point03b - Liberty Point
When I got out there, he was staring intently with his binoculars at something??
Bill insisted it was an ICEBERG!!!
See the little while dot next to his shoulder?!?!?
03c - Bill's Iceburg 
It was really far out and I took another shot when a ship passed by.03c2 - Bill's Iceburg
He still thinks it is an iceberg…
Finally when I got home and zoomed in as far as possible,
I believe his iceberg has windows and a flag;o)))03c3 - Bill's Iceburg
However, Bill insists it is an iceberg and he’s sticking with that story!!!
Now for the beautiful views at Liberty Point.
Across the harbor, we could see West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Lubec.03d - Liberty Point - Quoddy Head Lighthouse
We plan to hike there soon.  It is just down the road from the campground:o)
Looking along the shoreline… how blue is that water?!?!!!!
03ea - Liberty Point - Looking North 03ec - Liberty Point - Looking Down
Looking north, we could see the sundial on this peninsula.03eb - Liberty Point - Sunswept Sculpture
We will come back on a cooler day to hike Sunsweep Trail to the sundial:o))04 - Trail Sign
More rock, More islands….
03f1a - Liberty Point - second view point 03f1b - Liberty Point - second view point
As I was looking East and admiring these beautiful cliffs and evergreens,03f2a - Liberty Point - second view point
look what flew out of the trees… 
Spectacular... a Bald Eagle flew right at me!!!03g2 - Liberty Point - bald eagle
03g1 - Liberty Point - bald eagle03g3 - Liberty Point - bald eagle
After that delightful encounter, we headed back Liberty Point Drive.
We made a quick stop at Lower Duck Pond.
 05 - Lower Duck Pond
05b - Lower Duck Pond - sparkling05c - Lower Duck Pond - sparkling
Next we hung a left onto Fox Hill Drive and drove to Cranberry Point.
06 - left on Fox Hill Dr to Cranberry Point  06b - approaching Cranberry Point06c - Cranberry Point and Spark Plug Lighthouse
We could see Spark Plug Lighthouse and FDR International Bridge to Lubec, ME.
06c2 - Cranberry Point and Spark Plug Lighthouse  06d - Cranberry Point view of FDR bridge and Lubec
It’s so cool when your T-shirt matches the flowers;o))06g - Bill and Nancy amongst the Rosa Rugosa
As we pulled out of the parking lot,
a Ruffed Grouse was walking across the road!!
07 - Heading Home - Ruffed Grouse 07b - Heading Home - Ruffed Grouse
First time I have ever seen this bird:o))
We had a wonderful day exploring Campobello Island!!!
We made our way back across the FDR International Bridge.08a - Crossing the border - waiting our turn
They are repairing the bridge so it is one lane.
While we waited our turn to cross,
we could see Mulholland Lighthouse off to the right.08b - Crossing the border - Mulholland Lighthouse
A quick check through US Customs and we were headed back to the campground.
We had a wonderful day on the island and hope to get back once more while we are here.


  1. Beautiful pictures as usual but I really like the first one of the bald eagle. Ice burg??

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! If you could just bottle that scenery and take it along with you :) Um, iceberg huh Bill? We know you're north so you just go with that story :)

  3. Great pictures. 60 degrees is a little chilly that berg must be keeping it cool.

  4. What a beautiful place! Nice picture of the eagle, and you two look fabulous :)

  5. So much fun it takes two posts to cover it all, and I'm sure it was just the highlights, like that bald eagle and the "Iceberg". I bet the iceberg could have started its motor and gotten out of the way of the Titanic... ;c)

    Beautiful pictures, what great memories you'll have from them!

  6. Wonderful picture of the bald eagle. Yep - looks like an iceberg to us! ;-)

  7. Can't wait to get there. I'm going to follow in your footsteps. Really nice pictures of you both - singly and together. But an iceburg just north of Maine?? Really Bill. Wish I'd read this before I saw you two today. Would I have ribbed him. Great to see you! It was a LOT of uphill for us too and I think our mph were about the same.

  8. Beautiful pictures. We are going to have to go there. BTW. I am with Bill. Who says an ice burg can't have a flag and windows?

  9. It really did look like an iceberg until the last picture. It reminds me of the "bear" Al saw once, which turned out to be a cat. Go figure. It's a man thing, I guess. :)

    Beautiful area and love the eagle photos.