Last Day in Lubec, Maine – Sunday – June 30, 2013

We woke to more gray skies, 
 BUT  it wasn’t raining:o))
Earlier this week, when we hiked at Boot Cove Preserve,
we met the only other hiker there. 
She was from Maine and hikes this area often. 
One of her favorite places to hike is in Cutler, just down the road.
(click on any photo to enlarge)
6 - Cutler Land Preserve Trails Overview
She told us there are several different hikes from 3 to 10 miles long. 5 - Cutler Land Preserve Trails Description
As long as the rain stays away, we decided to hike the Black Point Brook Loop!!
So we packed a lunch and headed south to Rt 191 towards Cutler.
2 - Rt 191 to Cutler
Yea, it was a bit foggy…. BUT no rain;o)
We found the Cutler Land Trust on the left and parked next to the only other car in the lot.3 - Cutler Land Preserve 4 - Cutler Land Preserve Parking Lot
The trails are described as “a taste of wilderness along the Maine coast!”
12 - Cutler Hike Map 
The Black Point Brook Loop
 would take us along the coast and return through the woods.
The Trailhead
7 - Trailhead

We hiked along the balance beam, over the rocks and through the pines:o) 8 - Another Balance Beam Trail9 - A few Rocks10 - Through the Pines
At about the half mile mark,
 11 - half mile mark
we connected with the Inland Trail.
 13 - Choosing the Coastal Trail
We continued straight along the Coastal Trail…
over the stream and under the trees!!
.14 - Across the Stream15 - Under the Sea
We hiked about another mile before we reach the coastal lookout.
16b - Approaching the Lookout Area
16 - Approaching the Lookout Area17 -  the Lookout Area
As we started down the rock steps for a closer view,
17a - Down the Steps for a closer view
a Bald Eagle flew out of the fog!!!
17a2 -  the Lookout Area - Eagle
A beautiful sight even in the fog:o))17b -  the Lookout Area - Eagle
The views at the bottom of the rock steps left us speechless……..
19 - Pretty but Foggy20b - Angry Sea20 - Angry Sea21 - Foggy Crevise
The sea was angry and the fog was thick.
We attempted to continue along the Coastal Trail,
but the fog blocked the view and yesterday’s rain made the trail too muddy:o((22 - starting coastal hike 23 - Time to turn back
So we backed tracked to the car for a total of 3.28 miles.
24 - Back the way we came 25 - 3.28 miles
We were disappointed that we didn’t get to hike the coast,
but now we have a good reason to return:o)
We decided not to drive directly back to the campground.
Instead we hung a right at Boot Cove Road toward Quoddy Head State Park.
On the corner, where we turned, was an abandoned General Store.
30 - Boot Cove Rd Turnoff - FitzHenry's Store
Right behind the store was the Funeral Home…. interesting!?!?!
31 - Boot Cove Rd Turnoff - Funeral Home behine FitzHenry's Store
At Quoddy Head State Park, hiking conditions were about the same as we had just left:o((
So we headed down the steps to explore the beach for a little while:o))
40 - Quoddy Head SP - Steps to the beach
40b - Quoddy Head SP - wander the rocky beach43 - Quoddy Head SP - Tide was out42 - Quoddy Head SP -Fog was thick41 - Quoddy Head SP - Sea was angry44 - Quoddy Head SP -  Surf was pounding
It may be our last visit this trip,
49 - Quoddy Head SP - Heading Home no coastal hike today
but I feel certain we will walk these steps again:o))
Back at the motorhome, we had our packed lunch and chilled for the afternoon.
We still had one more interesting adventure before we leave in the morning!!
After dinner, we headed to Uncle Kippy’s just a mile down the road.61 - Uncle Kippy's - Ukulele Band - Street Parking only
The parking lot was pack and we had to park along the road.
What was all the excitement about at Uncle Kippy’s???
Tonight they were featuring...
The University of Maine at Machias Ukulele Band :o))60 - Uncle Kippy's - Ukulele Band
The place was packed and the stage didn’t have enough room for all the band!!62 - Uncle Kippy's - Ukulele Band - Full House
The gentleman on the right in the yellow shirt is the leader of the band.66 - Uncle Kippy's - Man in yellow shirt on right is Professor and Band Leader
I don’t have a video camera to bring you the real fun this group has,
but here is a link to a U-tube video if you would like to learn more about the band.
We had a wonderful couple hours at a front row table 65 - Uncle Kippy's - Campground Lady - got us front row seats
thanks to this sweet lady from the campground:o))64 - Uncle Kippy's - Campground Lady - sweetheart
What a special ending to our visit to Lubec :o))
We’ll be back!!! 


  1. Love the photo of the eagle in the fog. Lovely place!

  2. The fog made for some awesome pictures! Uncle Kippy's looks like fun!

  3. Even in pictures, that view was enough to leave me speechless, too!

    Those college students in the band looked a little, um, experienced. :cD

  4. This looks great fog or no. I'm ready to see it all in person. It definitely pays to have an in when you get to a place and it's packed. Front row seat! Nice!! Sounds like serious down home fun.

  5. Looks like your last day was a successful one. Loved the foggy pictures and Uncle Kippy's looks like a hoot!

  6. Awesome pictures, the angry sea reminds me of some scenes from a good novel. The bald eagle is very impressive!

    Uncle Kippy's looks like a great place!

  7. We like hiking in the fog. We don't like hiking in the mud. Good choice to turn back. Great view over the cliff. I also loved the shot of the eagle flying in the fog.