Heading South ;o)) – Monday – July 1, 2013

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Monday, July 1st
Travel day: Sunset Point CG, Lubec, ME to Narrows Too CG, Trenton, ME
Distance: 86 miles :o)))
Our travels today were from F to G on the map… heading south;o))0 - Travel to Narrows Too CP - Trenton, ME  86 miles
It was a short, easy trip from Lubec to Trenton, Maine…
Just a few miles from Mt. Desert Island and Acadia National Park!!
Nice ride along Route 1 South.  No traffic and beautiful views!!
1 - Travel to Trenton - Rt 189 from Lubec to Rt 11c - Travel to Trenton - Rt 1 a little foggy but pretty1e - Travel to Trenton - Rt 1 just looks like Maine1f - Travel to Trenton - Rt 1 just looks like Maine
We made a left turn on Rt 3 at Ellsworth.  Getting close to Acadia NP and Trenton, Maine.1g - Travel to Trenton - Rt 3 almost there 1h - Travel to Trenton - Rt 3 arriving in Trenton
Our campground, Narrows Too, is less than a mile from Mt. Desert Island.
We were the first to arrive. However, our site was not vacated yet.
I snapped a few pictures while we had lunch and waited to get on our site.
1j - Narrows Too Campground - Office 1j2 - Narrows Too Campground - Pool
Office                                                              Pool

First View of Acadia NP Mountains1k - Narrows Too Campground - View of Acadia NP Mountains
While we were waiting, Gin & Syl and Dan & Tricia arrived.
It was great to see them all and within no time, we were all set up.
725 – Bill &Nancy                           727 – Gin & Syl                            728 – Dan & Tricia

1l - Narrows Too Campground - 725 - Bill and Nancy1m - Narrows Too Campground - 727 - Gin and Syl1n - Narrows Too Campground - 728 - Dan and Tricia

However, somebody is missing on Site 726 :o((1o - Narrows Too Campground - 726 - Rick and Gail's site
Unfortunately, Gail & Rick had to cancel… we’ll miss you!! 
We promise to eat some Lobstah' for you:o) 
Can’t wait to cross the bridge and head to Acadia NP!!1l2 - Narrows Too Campground - 725 - view of Acadia
But first things first…. we’ve got a birthday to celebrate!!
There’s the birthday girl 'Syl' in the middle.
02a - birthday - Syl, Pam, Tricia
How convenient…
there’s a Lobster Pound right across the street from the campground!!!
02b - Eating Lobster for Syl's Birthday02b1 - Eating Lobster for Syl's Birthday
Most of us had lobster rolls.  Syl having her first bite!!02b2 -  Syl's Birthday Lobster Roll
The lobster was sauteed in butter and warm.
Everyone agreed it was better than cold with mayo;o(
Dan opted for the WHOLE lobster.
02b2b - Eating Lobster for Syl's Birthday
Watching him pick it clean, it was obvious he had done that before;o))
After dinner, we gathered for Birthday Brownies and Ice Cream!!
02d - Birthday Brownies02e - Happy Birthday Syl
Happy Birthday, Syl :o)))


  1. It's great to celebrate with friends!

  2. Sure sorry I missed this party. Seems like every one's Happy Birthday is in the summertime! Happy Belated Birthday to Syl! Nice way to start off a month visit with friends that's for sure.

  3. Fun with friends makes for a great birthday! Lobstah roll was pretty good too. I really like this place too.

  4. Site 726 sure looks lonesome! :( We are sorry to have missed it but, as they say, everything happens for a reason :) We have learned a lot from all the posts coming from there and will know exactly what we want to do when we do get there :)

  5. Love those lobstah rolls! Happy birthday to Syl.

  6. Hopefully there will be lobsters left after you leave Maine. What a great way to celebrate Syl's. birthday, though. Lobsters and brownies with ice cream, a memorial meal. :c)

  7. Nice way to celebrate Syl's birthday! Y'all sure do have a lot of fun together!