Rained Out ;o(( – Friday and Saturday – June 28 & 29, 2013

We made no plans for these two days as the weather forecast looked terrible.
Of course, this is the ONE time the weatherman was right:o((
1 - Rainy day
On Friday, we just hung around the motorhome.
We got a slight break in the weather after dinner,
so I took the opportunity to take some campground photos.
Here is a satellite photo of Sunset Point RV Park in Lubec, Maine. 
 No I didn’t take this photo ;o))
2 - Sunset Point RV Park - Ariel Map
The campground is a little pennisula that juts out into Johnson Bay.
Unfortunately there are no rigs in the photo to show the layout.
You enter the campground to the left of the office.
All sites are 30amp and water.
On the left of the road are the back-in  & cable sites along the water.
In the loop are 12 pull thru sites. 
All the sites have a water view….
Site 12 is on the end of the loop and the best site in the campground!!
Campground entrance to left of office and back-in sites with cable to left of road.
               2 - Sunset Point RV Park - Entry and Office             
Front of Campground office                           Bath House behind office2b - Sunset Point RV Park - Office 2c - Sunset Point RV Park - Bath House
Pull-thru sites 1-12 in middle of the loop                                                 We were on site 62d - Sunset Point RV Park - Pull thru sites 2e - Sunset Point RV Park - Sites 3-7
Site 12 is on the end overlooking the bay.  Best site in the park!!2g - Sunset Point RV Park - Site 12 best site
Nice swing to sit and enjoy the view                          Easy access to launch a boat or kayak2w - Sunset Point RV Park - Pretty Spot 2x - Sunset Point RV Park - Lake Access
This is the only campground near Lubec unless you are willing to cross the border.
Herring Cove Provincial Park on Campobello Island has 30amp sites,
 but does not have WIFI.
We opted for free WIFI at Sunset Point Campground.
We did not want to pay roaming charges or get an extended Canadian plan for one week.
We would come back here in a heartbeat. 
The sites are tight, but the location is great and the people are really special!!
On Saturday,
the rains continued and we were getting stir crazy.
We decided to take a ride and check out a few places we have yet to visit.
I needed to mail a package, so we headed to Lubec Post Office and took a ride through town.
Visitor’s Information Center                                  The Lubec Historical Museum
01c - visiting Lubec - information center  01b - visiting Lubec - Historical Society Museum
This gentleman was walking up the street carrying a large cello or bass?!?!01d - visiting Lubec - Walking your Cello 
I guess he was headed to the bandstand:o))01e - visiting Lubec - Town Bandstand
Now this is what I call EXTREME container gardening!!!01f - visiting Lubec - extreme container gardening
Waterfront and Main Street
01g - visiting Lubec - Waterfront Down Town  01h - visiting Lubec - Waterfront Down Town
Lubec Post Office… yea, it’s still raining;o((
01m -  visiting Lubec -Stop at Post Office and Rain Starts again
View of FDR Memorial Bridge to Campobello Island01k - visiting Lubec - FDR International Bridge to Campobello Island
Views of Lubec from Campobello Island and the bridge.
01l -  visiting Lubec -View of Lubec fromCampobello Island 01m -  visiting Lubec -View of Lubec from FDR Bridge
After our tour of Lubec, we headed south on Rt 189 to Route 1 north.
1 - rainy day ride - Route 1 to Eastport
We made a right toward Calais in search of Cobscook Bay State Park.
1b - rainy day ride - Cobscook Bay State Park Entrance
We didn’t get charged a fee to just ride through and check out the campground.1c - rainy day ride - Cobscook Bay State Park - small waterfront site
There are no hookup and small sites, but I know there is some good hiking here.
However, today was not the day for hiking;o(
We did see a herd of sheep just outside the state park.1d - rainy day ride - Cobscook Bay State Park - goats
Next on our list of places to check out was Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge.
I googled directions and followed them back a small country road, onto an iffy dirt road,
1f - travel to Moosehorn NWR1f2 - travel to Moosehorn NWR
which led to a foggy drive to Hatton Lane on the right. 1f3 - travel to Moosehorn NWR - Hatton Lane
We turned right onto Hatton Lane, only to find out we were on someone’s driveway!!
The owner was outside and told us this happens all the time.
Just turn around and go to the bottom of the hill in Pembroke...
 we would find Moosehorn NWR:o))1f4 - travel to Moosehorn NWR - Down the hill towards Pembroke
We followed his instructions but could not find the NWR only the Post Office;o((1f5 - travel to Moosehorn NWR -Found Pembroke but no NWR
But according to my maps we should be near The Reversing Falls Park :o))
Turns our the park is at the end of a dirt road
which because of all the rain is now a mud road:o((
At this point, we decided to cut our loses and just head back to the campground…1g - Return to Lubec1h - Lubec sign
Hopefully, we will get some decent weather tomorrow, our last day in Lubec!!


  1. Well, now I'm pretty sure I want to go to Lubec :) But not in the rain.

  2. Great job of dealing with stir crazy. Hope we don't get the Lubec rain when we are there. And I hope we can get site 12!

  3. I often wondered how you A++ folks survived a rainy day that trapped you from outside fun... :cD

    I guess you should never go to Oregon or Washington State. ;c)

  4. Good idea to forego the NWR. Dirt roads are bad enough, but MUD roads?? No thanks!

  5. That weather pattern must be stuck over Maine. We expected rain in Oregon but it has been sunny! I'll send it your way.

  6. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade! Good use of a rainy day!

  7. Despite the weather, it looks like it was a good day for a drive.

  8. Looks like a cute place even in the rain. The campground looks awesome!