Beating the Rain – Thursday – June 27, 2013

Well, it has become quite clear I am getting farther and farther behind with blogging;o((
 Can't help the fact that we are out here having a blast and have no time to blog!!
We have been at Acadia National Park with friends since the first of July.
Thank to Tricia and Dan, here is a GREAT  RECAP  of some of our adventures.
I probably will get our blog updated sometime next year;o)))

Now back to my catch-up posts.....

Just like most of the east coast, we have had our share of rain here in Lubec.  The last few days have been great, but on Friday, the rains are suppose to return;o((  We have 3 hikes still on our list: Boot Cove Preserve, Coast Guard Trail and Sunsweep Trail. So with an early start, we hope to complete our trail list today before the rains get here tomorrow!!
Early this morning, we headed back toward Quoddy Head State Park.
Today, we took a right onto Boot Cove Road at the fork
instead of a left toward the state park.
1 - Boot Cove Road
About 6 miles down the road we found the SMALL parking area on the left.
Hmmm… we aren’t the first to arrive!2 - Boot Cove Parking Area
Watch carefully, you could drive right by this small parking area.
The sign is very small and tucked back in the trees;o((
3 - Boot Cove Trailhead
However, the trail is well marked and well maintained:o))
4 - Boot Cove Directional Signs 5 - Boot Cove - Walking the Line
First stop….  another Bog:o)
6 - Boot Cove - The Bog
Then through the woods to a coastal viewing platform.
7 - Watch your Step 8 - Beautiful View Boot Cove
Bill stuck to the platform, but I had to get a photo of the view below!!8c - Beautiful View Boot Cove - Looking down
Then it was back through the woods and wildflowers to the next beautiful view.
09 - Along the trail - Through the Pines09b - Along the trail - Green and wildflowers09c - Along the trail - Iris and Dogwood
Up we go….
09d - Along the trail - Up, Up, Up09e - Along the trail - Enjoying from a distance
I never get tired of the views of Maine’s rocky coast:o)
Next stop was Boot Cove Beach.
10 - Boot Cove Beach - Approaching the Beach
The house in the background is a private residence. 
I’ve always heard location, location, location;o)) 
Like most of the beaches in Maine, this was a rocky beach.
Thought this was a cool view from the water’s edge!!10b - Boot Cove Beach - Beach view from the water
From the beach,
the trail turns back into the woods for about 1/2 mile back to the trailhead.11 - Back to the Parking Area
We thoroughly enjoyed this well maintained and beautiful hike. 
Since it was just mid-morning, we would have time
to hike the short Coast Guard Trail at Quoddy Head State Park before lunch.
The wildflowers are spectacular along the roads and the trails!!!13 - Drive to Quoddy Head State Park
This was the temperature around noon as we drove to the state park.20 - Lunchtime Temperature
Hard to believe it is the end of JUNE!!!
Arriving at Quoddy Head State Park,
we parked on the left since the Coast Guard Trail is to the left of the lighthouse.14 - More people 15 - Hiking Trails
The Coast Guard Trail is a short, very smooth, slightly uphill and well maintained trail.15b - Coast Guard Trail Hike 15c - well groomed easy walk
Now there is a bit of a climb up the new steps to the observation deck;o))
15d - Steps to Observation Deck
The views from the observation deck are OK.
  15e - View of Lobster Boat from the Deck
However, we had better views from all the other coastal trails.
From the steps at the observation tower, you can go back the way you came
continue on a less manicured and more rugged trail toward the lighthouse.
Of course, we chose the later;o)) 15f - rugged trail back
So glad we did or we wouldn’t have seen this bird nest on the rocky ledge!!15g - rugged trail back- coastline views
Not sure what bird built this nest??
Possibly a falcon as it doesn’t look large enough for an Osprey or Eagle.15h - rugged trail back- bird nest on the cliff
Can you imagine being a young bird in this nest ;o(((
As we continued, we got our first peak at the lighthouse.
15i - rugged trail back- first peak of the lighthouse
As you exit the trail,
you are greeted by this gorgeous view!!!15j - rugged trail back - the lighthouse
Now that we have done all the hikes in Quoddy Head State Park,
we want to do the Coastal Trail again. 
It is absolutely spectacular!!!
Next time, we would go down and back along the coast.
If the rains end, perhaps we can accomplish that on Sunday:o))
For today, our next stop takes us back across the boarder to Campobello Island. 
We want to return to Liberty Point (where Bill saw his “Iceberg”)
to hike the Sunsweep Trail out to a peninsula which has a sundial Sculpture.
20d - Sunsweep Trail Objective
Who knows, we might see another Iceberg too;o)))
The trail starts with a long climb up to the rocky ledge…
20e - Sunsweep Trail - Up to the Coastal Cliffs
Through the woods and up a little higher…
20h - walking the planks again
OK, we are back to the beautiful view of Maine’s rocky coast!!!
20i - setting closer to the sundial 20j - never tire of the coastline views
Yep, we are getting closer to the point of the pennisula…20k - getting closer
Wish you could smell the pine. 
20l - smell of pine
When we reach the peninsula, the forest ends.
As we walked out to the point, the fog was beginning to roll in.
I have never been to Ireland, but I think it would be a lot like this.
20m - across the pennisula to the sundial
Just in front and to the right of Bill is the Sundial,
an international art project and symbol of international friendship.

20w -Bill and Nancy Sundial
Perfect ending to a wonderful day of hiking!!!


  1. I just love the name "Boot Cove". Hiking in Maine is just wonderful! I sniff the pine/fir scent so much so I can "make a memory" albeit a smell one! ;-)

  2. Are you wishing you still had some of those 54° days? That's my kind of hiking weather! Beautiful!

    1. Yeah Gail, we have had a few warm ones. But today we have cooled way down, but the fog is so thick you can't see;o(( As they say in Maine, if you don't like the weather wait an hour and it will change!!! Wish you were here!!!

  3. That lighthouse is a real beauty and the trails look greast. How are the bugs?? I guess at 54 not so bad. Wish there was some way to bottle that smell. All those "scents" they sell are never the same.

  4. I'm glad you found the Coast Guard Trail to be smooth and well maintained. I wouldn't expect anything less... :cD

  5. The hiking looks wonderful! So glad you are loving it! Great idea of tag teaming with Dan and Trish.

  6. looks like you are having some great hiking days.

  7. Love that last picture of the 2 of you!! Cool lighthouse, too - reminds me of Dr. Seuss (Cat in the Hat)!