More Time With The “GRANDS” !!! – Wed, May 21 to Wed, May 28, 2014

OK, time to get back to BLOG catching up;o))
On Wed, May 21th, we headed to Falls Lake State Park just outside of Raleigh, NC.
With the Memorial Day Weekend heading our way, it was time to run away from the beach!!
Truth be known, I just waited too long to make reservations;o((
Getting sites at the South Carolina Beach State Parks means you need to plan 11 months out!!
When I checked sites at Falls Lake, our favorite sites, 17 & 18, were available.
I contacted Julie and she agreed to meet us there for 5 of our 7 day stay!!!
We arrived Wednesday afternoon, and found we had the campground to ourselves!!
We set up on Site 18.
00 - Campsites 18 on left, 17  on right 
Directly behind our site and down a short trail is...
THE  ROCK, our favorite swimming hole!!
01 - The Rock - Our Swimming Hole
Thursday afternoon, Julie and the Grandkids pulled into Site 17 next door to us!!
02 - Julie and Gang arrive
Our quiet solitude would be short lived…
Friday afternoon, the troops arrived for the Memorial Day Weekend!!!02b - Memorial Day Invasion
Yep, it went from “NOBODY HERE” to “NO EMPTY SITES” in the entire park:o((
Regardless, we managed to have a great time…
Early morning and after dinner was FISHING TIME.03 - Everybody Fishing
They even managed to do a little “Catching!!”
04 - Catching - Bill with his Superman Pole04b - Catching - Andrew caught one04c - Catching - Julie caught one
The weather was spectacular and swimming at “THE ROCK” was a blast!!
05 - Swimming - Blowing up the Rafts
05b - Swimming - Off the Rock      05c - Swimming - Water Fight
05d - Swimming - Samantha
Emily and Samantha really enjoyed the PLAYGROUND!!
06b - Playground - Samantha06c - Playground - Emily06d - Playground - Making Sandcakes
We cooked our dinners over an OPEN FIRE!!!
07 - Dinner over the fire07 - Dinner taste better outside
After dinner,
it was time to beat Grandpop at LADDERBALL:o))
06e - Good Luck Grandpop
The Grand Finale each day…
07a - Smores Time07b - Smores Time - Samantha07c - Smores Time - Emily

Julie and the children had to leave on Tuesday to head back to home;o((


But lucky us…

we had other kids hanging out in the area;o))

YEP, Our Pelicans, are visiting family in North Carolina and met us for a bike ride!!!

We met Dan & Tricia and Gin & Syl at the Upper Neuse River Greenway.

It is a beautiful trail that actually runs right behind Julie’s neighborhood.

However, this is our first time on the trail, but it won’t be our last!!

01b - Upper Neuse River Greenway - Nice Trail01c - Upper Neuse River Greenway - Bridge01d - Upper Neuse River Greenway - under the Bridge01e - Upper Neuse River Greenway - River Views

Thanks for a great ride…
01g - Upper Neuse River Greenway - Lunch Stop
always fun to spend time with Our Pelicans!!!


  1. That looks like a really nice campground and your sites were so beautiful until the tent city arrived. :)

  2. Such terrific pictures of all the fun you had with Julie and the kids. We had the same experience over labor day in a state park in PA. Not a soul on Thursday and then Friday night the masses descended and on Monday by 1:00 they were all gone. Those Pelicans just fly around to meet you everywhere. Great picture of the happy 6 of you.

  3. Great looking camp site, I see there are several camping areas at the park which area were you in? Rolling view? Would like to try it out-same site.

    1. Yes, we were in Rolling View, Loop B, Site 18. IMO it is the best site in the park!! If it is occupied, site 17 or 16 are right there and very nice also. Hope you enjoy!!!

  4. Sure looks like you had a fabulous time with the kids! I love that campground in the middle of the week. We usually have it to ourselves too :) We prefer site 14 :) We fit better.

  5. Awwww..."our pelicans"! Love it! Such a great bike ride. Will have to do it again someday!

  6. Thanks for showing us "The Rock". We must swim there one day... I mean float, of course.
    It was good to see y'all in Raleigh. That was a nice ride in the shade by the river.

  7. Awww. We miss you all! What fun with your family!

  8. Awww. We miss you all! What fun with your family!

  9. Hey Bill and Nancy! This is Liz and Ron from Texas. I just wanted to say thanks for the info on Sesquicentennial SP and the sites we could fit in. We are here in site 83 and it is perfect. We are enjoying our visit with our daughter and her family and they are only about 10 minutes from us. Hope all if well with both of you.

  10. SO nice you had a great time with the grands doing "Stuff"! ;c)

    Grandkids sure do make life lots of fun (and wear you out!). :cD