Friday the 13th–Our Lucky Day!!–June 13, 2014

Hi, this is Bill, remember me… I used to write the blog. 
Somehow, I dumped that job on Nancy ;o)) 
But today, I decided to just reflect on things for a moment. 

Today is Friday the 13th!!
For superstitious people, that ‘s usually not a good day. 
However, for Nancy and I, it’s a GREAT Day :o))
Today is our 44th Wedding Anniversary!!!
44th Anniversary Hoot
Nancy’s favorite number has always been 13. 
Here we are at Buck Hall Campground and guess what site we are on… YEP, site 13!  We left Huntington Beach on Wednesday where our site was 132 and our next stop is Myrtle Beach State Park where our site is 313!!  Hmm… I’m starting to see a pattern;o)
As I reflect back on our wonderful marriage,
we have called 18 places HOME,
we've been blessed with two great children & their spouse’s
 and we've been able to enjoy many fun times with our four fabulous grandchildren!!
Family at the Beach
Andrew, the oldest grandson, at 13 is now bigger than I am! 
In a few years, Daniel, Emily and Samantha will be passing us as well :o)
Yep, things keep changing!!!
We laugh when we think about some of the places we’ve called “Home!” 
They have range from 250sqft to 4,000sqft and everything in between. 
As Nancy always says,
“ Home is not the building, Home is where WE are!!”
Our current home, ‘Baby’ is our second Home on Wheels.
  Baby - 2012 Winnebago Journey 34Y
Our first Home on Wheels was a 30ft Sea Breeze 5th wheel back in 2000!!
Our Seabreeze
WOW, that seems like just yesterday!!
Over the years, we’ve built three new houses… I mean had them built for us ;o) 
One was on a large lake,
one in an exclusive gated community on the ocean
and one in the fishing capital of South Carolina. 
All of those were “the House of our DREAMS!!” 
However, our dreams changed along the way and we followed those new dreams:o))
We have learned that it really is about the  JOURNEY, not the destination!!
Here we are, 44 years from saying our “I DO’s” and doing exactly what we want…
Traveling in our motorhome and enjoying our life as we have always done…


  1. Congratulations! 44 is a very good number to celebrate on the 13th.

  2. Congrats on number 44. We're just three years and a few days behind you.

  3. So cool! Happy anniversary to you both! Your journey has been the best :)

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Tomorrow is our Anniversary but a few years less. :) You guys have definitely figured it out! Here's to many many more!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary you guys!!!! That's great!!

  6. This is a WONDERFUL post Bill! Happiest of Anniversaries to you both, one of the most wonderful couples I have ever met. Go THIRTEEN!!

  7. Happy happy anniversary from 2 of your pelicans. Sure wish we were closer....I would make you a Lima bean cake to celebrate!

  8. Happy anniversary you two!! From a couple more pelicans. I can't imagine one of you without the other. Here's to many more happy years together!

  9. Happy, Happy Anniversary...44 more times! Cheers to one of the nicest couples we know!

  10. Happy Anniversary. Its wonderful to see a couple so happy together. You have it figured out :-). We are ten years behind you...will be 34 years this year. Oh and thank Nancy for the email about Ocean Lakes. We appreciate the info.

  11. Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple!! Here's to many more happy years together!! P.S. Nicolas shares your special day . . . he was born on your 26th anniversary!

    1. Happy Birthday Nicolas!! YEP... June 13th is a special day:o)) WOW... Nicolas could be our Grandson which BTW would make us very proud!!!

  12. Life is grand when you can share it with your best friend. Congrats on your 44th! Here's to the next 44! :c)

  13. Nancy and Bill,
    Add our congratulations to the pile! You're an inspiration to many.

    Selene & Hank

  14. What a wonderful tribute to your 44 years together. Happy anniversary, and best wishes for many many more!

  15. A very belated Happy Anniversary. (Was on vacation and not keeping up with blogs.)