June 25, 2018 - Photos - GRSM NP - Rest Day, Campground Wildlife

Campground Map
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Today was a Rest Day...
just hanging out at the campground!!

When I open the shades this morning
I was greet by this little fellow....
Since it was black & white, I assumed SKUNK!!

However, it didn't look like skunks I have seen before.
His back and amazing tail were all white!!
A little internet search led me to believe it was a very young striped skunk.
Fortunately, he moved on without leaving his scent ;-)

On a late morning walk around the campground
I found some other wildlife to photograph.

Too Cute!!

Spoiled Goats Across the Road ;-)

Down by the fishing pond 
there was a family of Muscovy Ducks!

Mom and the 11 Ducklings 
 Family Portrait
NOW.... Everybody in the pond!!!


  1. That may be more wildlife than I've seem on the trails here. The duck family is too cute. Someone's pets?

    1. No, they were not pets. They have moved on and left the pond already!!

  2. You mean you didn't want that cute little skunk as a pet? :cD

    1. No, I didn't want a pet skunk, but loved getting its photo;o))