June 24, 2018 - Photos - GRSM NP - Gatlinburg Tail Hike and City Walk

Today's Travel Map
Today's Hiking Map
Click HERE to learn more about The Gatlinburg Trail.

We chose to start the Gatlinburg Trail from the National Park end of the trail.

The trailhead is located beyond the Headquarters building,
where you can park next to the maintenance yard.

We felt right at home;o))
After a short hike along the maintenance yard, 
you head into the woods and along the river!!

The trail is well maintained with beautiful features such as:

a bridge,

a bench,
and a statue ;o))
It is a lovely walk along the river and through the woods!!

The end of the trail brings you to Gatlinburg.

We have driven through Gatlinburg several times very early in the morning
to get to hikes at the Motor Nature Trail.  
However, we have never actually stopped IN the city!!

So we figured we have to at least give it a mile of our time;o))
We gave it 2 miles...
 1 mile up and 1 mile back so we can say we have BEEN there!!

It's a tourist town...people, stuff, food & traffic!!

We walked up one side as far as the Aquarium.

Then we crossed the street and headed back.

Love this Sign!!

At the end of our walk back,
we saw the MOST amazing North Face store!!
It looked like a Mountain Lodge:o))
WELL, so much for Gatlinburg...been there...done that;-))

It was time to get back as we could hear the rumbling of thunder!!

Back through the woods, the way we came...

Along the river...
Over the bridge...
and into the car...
Just before the skies opened up!!!


  1. Looks like a very nice trail with an unusual statue. I'm more used to seeing the CCI man in National Parks. Wonder how many people from the city walk the trail into the park. Pretty sweet for them to have it there.

    1. Bill is known as "Shirt" man...never to be confused with the hardworking CCC man;o))

  2. Timing is everything!
    They call this the quiet side for a reason, but a smile came across my face when I saw Ole Smoky Moonshine.

    1. Yea...Quiet Side is good...but Ole Smoky Moonshine is a favorite memory!!!

  3. I didn't know Bill is so famous that there is a statue of him. I'm honored to know him! :cD

    1. WOW, that is quite the compliment!!
      However, are you sure you didn't mean "infamous" ;o))