June 20, 2018 - Photos - GRSM NP - Little Greenbrier School and the Walker Sisters Cabin

Today's Travel Map

Drive to Metcalf Bottom Trailhead and Parking Area

Today's Hiking Map
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Little Greenbrier School & the Walker Sisters

We walked back over The Little River to reach Metcalf Bottom Trailhead. 
 A short way along the trail, this Bunny just stood its ground!!!

After that scare....
we continued on through a Rhododendron tunnel ;o)

Little Brier Branch runs along the trail

There were some rocky sections on the trail.

We crossed back over the stream as we approached the school.

Little Greenbrier School

The school was also used as a community church.
There is a cemetery in the front yard.

Just past the cemetery, Metcalf Bottom Trail connects with
Little Greenbrier Gap Trail which heads towards the 
Walker Sisters Cabin.

Sign and Road leading to the Cabin

The first view of the Spring House & Cabin

Of course we were there very early, 
so we had it all to ourselves:o))

We just sat a spell and pondered awhile!!

We headed back down the trail, 
passed the school and crossed the bridge.

We did see a little more wildlife ;o))

Back across the Little River 
Looking Up River
Looking Down River


  1. Boy if those pictures were taken with your new camera, they walk all over mine. I have many of the same shots and was there early also but the light coming in the windows of both buildings ruined my pictures. Love your wildlife. Don't think I saw any.

    1. If I remember correctly, it was a cloudy day so I probably didn't have much sunlight coming through the windows. But regardless, we all got to see two very pretty and interesting places!!

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  3. Looks like a great hike! And your pictures are fabulous...great shots!

  4. Glad you survived the encounter with that viscous attack bunny. He looked mean enough to have taken off your leg! :cD