June 22, 2018 - Photos - GRSM NP - Little River Trail Hike

Today's Travel Map
Today's Hiking Map
Click HERE to learn more about The River Trail Hike.

At the trailhead, this driveway led to Spence Cabin.

 View of Little River from back deck!!!

The rain run-off made a mini-fall along the trail:o))
Next to the falls, this adorable baby bird was singing its heart out:o)) 

While the rain is not our favorite thing...
It makes the rivers and streams look AMAZING!!! 


The run-off was dripping everywhere!! 

Husky Branch Falls was Gushing

Views along the Little River as we hiked back

Wonder what caused the holes in this rock??

Can't ignore the wildlife ;-)

Wonderful hike along a Beautiful river!! 

Before we left, we walk over to see The Appalachian Club. 

You can still rent the facility for events. 
What a wonderful place to rock the hours away!!!


  1. I can't picture ya'll rocking away the hours on that porch, you've got so many other hikes to take! ;c)

    1. So many hikes...So little time;o) We do need a couple more "Rest" days now a days!! This would be the perfect spot for that:o))

  2. That little singer steals the show. Thanks for the pictures of the Spence Cabin. It was occupied when I did this hike and I couldn't go up to it. Your hike and the falls were even more beautiful than when I saw them, if that's possible, because there was even more water. Thanks for a return to this great hike.

    1. The River Trail Hike would be my "Go To" hike the day after every hard rain!!! It has the feel of a Rainforest with sound and view of a rushing mountain river:o))