Fast Forward or Time to Catch Up – Monday, June 15, 2015

I had the best intentions to keep up with the blog this summer.  

However, that just isn’t going to happen.  

My last post was from our time at the 2015 RV-Dreams Family Reunion Rally 
in Marion, NC  over two weeks ago. 

Perhaps I will get back to filling in the blanks, I doubt it;o(( 

 However, I want all our family and friends to know where we are now and that 

Summer Travel Map
1. Huntington Beach SP, Murrells Inlet, SC – departed May 15
2. Magnolia Campground, Kinard, SC – overnight May 15-16
3. Lake Powhatan Recreation Area CG, Asheville, NC – 6 nights, May 16-23
4. Tom Johnson Rally CG, Marion, NC – RV-Dreams Reunion, May 23-31

5. Stony Fork NF CG, Wytheville, VA – 2 nights, May 31-June 2
6. Spring Valley CG, Cambridge, OH – overnight, June 2-3
7. Geneva State Park, Geneva, OH – overnight, June 3-4
8. Letchworth SP, Perry, NY – 7 nights, June 4-11
9. Arrowhead Marina & CG, Schenectady, NY – 2 nights, June 11-13
10. Black Bear CG, Salisbury, MA – overnight, June 13-14
11. Narrows Too RV Resort, Trenton, ME –  30 days, June 14-July14
00 - 2015 Summer Travel Map to Maine

We will be spending the next 30 days in Maine, exploring Acadia National Park.

Today, we got reacquainted with Acadia NP.

First stop, the visitor center to get our car pass and watch the movie.

Even early in the tourist season, there are crowds!!00a- Visitor Center Crowds

However, the park is large enough that you don’t notice out on the trails:o))00b- Visitor Center Map

Next, a ride around the loop road.01a - Water and Roses along the loop road 01 - Rocky coast along the loop road  01g - Cobble Stone Beach01d - Bubble Rock

We ended our day at the Summit of Cadillac Mountain!!!01b - Bar Harbor from Cadillac Mtn Summit

Can’t wait to hit the trails :o)))

01h - Acadia where nature heals and cheers


  1. Love your final Muir quote. So perfect. Such a beautiful place. Lucky you guys to spend an entire month there. I don't remember having to have a car pass. Is it my memory or is that new? The view from Cadillac makes me swoon.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I can hardly wait! Sorry we'll miss you, but keep our site warm for us :)

  3. You haven't let any moss grow under your wheels lately that's for certain.
    Sorry we didn't get a chance to do more visiting while at the RV Dreams Reunion Rally.
    Looks like you've made a wonderful choice of places to be for the next month.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. You've become quite the Maine-e-acks! Have a great time wearing out those trails. :c)

  5. Hmm, maybe becoming Maine residents? :) Have a great summer there!

  6. OH MAN!!! That is sooooo much on our hot list of places. Have a great time.

  7. Hey! What a great post. Notice you are using large photos and I think they look great. Evin and I are in Angel Fire, New Mexico. Last weekend there was a Pro-GRT Downhill Bike Race. A new friend of mine, Jim Maxwell, took some great action shots of many of the racers and allowed me to post them on PUPPY PATHS. I thought of you and your love for biking and thought you would enjoy Jim's work.

    Also, go to Olympian and Pro Women's Winner at the Chile Challenge at Angel Fire and see a fantastic video called: "This may be the most incredible bike ride ever attempted and it's incredible to watch!!"

    Hope all is well with the two of you. Enjoy Maine!! Get back to blogging!! That's what you used to say to me. Your encouragement kept me at it. Come see New Mexico. Angel Fire is cool and green, just like Maine.

  8. Forgot to tell you her name, Jill Kintner, and the video is down a ways on her Facebook page. It is almost 2 AM here and my eyes and fingers are tired. Hope you enjoy. We miss seeing you.