Been Awhile... All's Well - Saturday, October 10,  2015

The last time I posted, 
we had arrived at Narrows Too CG near Acadia National Park in Maine.

We had a fabulous time in Maine… just no time to blog.

We arrived back at Huntington Beach SP in Murrells Inlet on August 17th.

Our time there was spent visiting family and assisting my mother.

She has given up driving and that brings with it many issues.
It has not been easy for her, but she is doing well !!

We were still there when the rains and floods came.
Fortunately, we did not experience any real problems, 
but it did delay our trip south.

Finally on Wednesday, October 7th we headed to The Keys!!

We've  managed to snag almost 7 weeks of reservations
split between Bahia Honda SP and Curry Hammock SP.

So, right now, 
we are sitting in one of the most beautiful places we have ever been!!

Bahia Honda State Park, Site 19 & Our Backyard

Click on any photo to enlarge 
hover your mouse on any photo for a description

The plans for our stay here are very simple…

Get up early enough to see the Sun Rise!!

Go fishing and CATCH fish right from our backyard!!

Enjoy and photograph Mother Nature’s treasures!!

See the spectacular Sunsets each night!!

Then Repeat....



  1. So glad to see you made it safely south :)

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  3. Isn't Florida awesome! We'll be at our winter park on Oct 26. We'll be staying in Florida, more on that later. We hope to see you again, Maybe on your way out of the state. Have fun. Love the pictures. (Reposted)

  4. Glad to finally hear from you and that everything is going well.
    We've decided to stay at home this winter but we are also getting rid of ouur apartment. In other words we might be running into you on the road more often.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Well I would say all is well. Glad to see you made it out of the rains and are there in the sunshine. Lows in the 30's here next week. We need to get headed in your direction. Love those sunrises and sunsets.

  6. Beautiful......we know you will enjoy!

  7. What a score! Seven weeks in Paradise. I love it! Catch two more fish and we'll be there for supper. :-) jd (just dreaming)

  8. Great park, it has been on our list for awhile.

  9. How wonderful! I managed five nights in March at Curry Hammock and can't wait. We hope to do an excursion to Dry Tortugas while there. Also hope to catch up with you at some point this winter.

  10. Glad to hear that you made it out of SC before you got webbed feet. Enjoy the next few weeks relaxing in the Keys. Such great memories of our time there.

  11. Glad to see all is well in SC with your mom and that you were able to escape south! Enjoy the Keys. It doesn't get much better than that! :)

  12. Glad everything is well. Enjoy the Keys! Great memories of our time there. :)

  13. Finally caught up with you. All goes well here. Call us when you come north again. Glad you found such a gorgeous site.

  14. What a great spot and beautiful sunsets!!

  15. Beautiful pictures of the Keys! And the fish is a nice catch! Hope you al have a very Merry Christmas!