Return to Mt. Pisgah – Friday, May 22, 2015

Summer Travel Map
Lake Powhatan Recreation Area
Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina
00 - 2015 Summer Travel Map - Lake Powhatan, NC

Thursday, May 21, we decided would be a CHILL day!!  01 - Just Chilling on Site 46

We tinkered around the campsite watching the birds and basil enjoy this beautiful day.
02a - Watching the Birds  03 - Basil looking good

I am often asked why I have four pots of basil.

I am addicted to PESTO;o))

But only my homemade, oil-free version and it takes a lot of basil to make Pesto!!

Our beautiful day ended on a wonderful note.

David and Sharon, new full-timers,
 arrived to visit for a couple of days on their way to the Reunion Rally!!
04 - David and Sharon arrive

Thursday, May 22 was another beautiful day!!

We invited David and Sharon to join us on a return hike to Mt. Pisgah Summit.

Three days ago, we got Fog Out at the summit of Mt. Pisgah :o((01l - Mount Pisgah Trail - There is NO view

Today, it is clear as can be :o))04 - Hike to Mt. Pisgah Summit - summit is clear
04a2 - Hike to Mt. Pisgah Summit - Sharon, David, Bill  04b - Hike to Mt. Pisgah Summit - Heading Up the trail

On the hike up, the birds were out and enjoying this spectacular day!!

This Black Eyed Junco is a new bird for me.02b - birds - Dark Eyed Junco

These two birds are “Whatevers!!”
I’ve tried to ID them, but just can’t nail it down.
02c - birds - Yellow whatever  02d2 - birds - Multi-colored whatever
If you know what they are, please leave me a comment!!

Halfway to the summit and it’s still clear and beautiful.04c - Hike to Mt. Pisgah Summit - Panoramic halfway up

The flowers along the trail were beautiful :o))
03a - Wildflowers - Thyme Leaved Bluet03c - Wildflowers - Yellow Whatever03d - Wildflowers - Multi colored Whatever03e - Wildflowers - Rhodadendrum getting ready to bloom

Bill and David enjoying the hike!!04d - Hike to Mt. Pisgah Summit - Bill and David enjoying the hike

We reached the summit and it was spectacular!!04e3 - Mt. Pisgah Summit View - Frying Pan Tower

At the summit, we met Don, Lois and Nelson, the groundhog;o))
04e -At Mt. Pisgah Summit - Don, Lois and Nelson the groundhog

He was able to point out all the mountains and views we were looking at.

Looking Glass Rock
04e4 - Mt. Pisgah Summit View - Looking Glass Rock

Asheville, NC
04e4b - Mt. Pisgah Summit View - Asheville

Smoky Mountain National Park
Mount Le Conte to the right and Clingman’s Dome in the center.
04e5 - Mt. Pisgah Summit View - Clingman's Dome and Mount Le Conte

Don also volunteered to take our photo at the summit.
04e2 -At Mt. Pisgah Summit - Bill, Nancy, Sharon, David

We are so glad we returned on a clear day….
04e6 - Mt. Pisgah Summit View - All about the view

It really is All About The Views!!!!


  1. How lucky you were still around to enjoy a sunny day up at the top! FYI, I use a great website to help me identify birds: It's free, and can drill down by state, size, color etc. Not sure if you've seen it before.

  2. Beautiful -- looks like a great hike!

  3. Another great hike. btw. I have a light blue collared hiking shirt just like Bill's.

  4. I love a good hike in the mountains. Throw in a great view, then it becomes a great hike!
    Roger has another matching hiking shirt as Bill? Imagine that...

  5. Those are Picasso birds, they got into his paint and splashed all the different colors all over their feathers... :cD

    1. Dang you are good... Picasso birds, I should have know that!! Thanks for setting me straight:o))

  6. Wow what a great hike and beautiful pictures. Excellent decision to return and in such good company too. Those picasso birds are warblers is all I know. I'll try to look them up in my books but my internet is really limited at the moment. We had dark eyed juncos at the farm all the time. They are feisty little things.