More Family Fun at Pirateland !!! – September 1-8, 2014

Our week with the family at Pirateland flew by.  Not only did we spend time with Julie, Steve and all the grandchildren, but my Brother and his wife drove down to visit Mom.  The three of them came up several afternoons to enjoy the beach and have dinner.
My brother, Barry, just got a new jeep and had a great time showing it off and giving rides.
19 - Going Four Wheelin'21c - Here's The Jeep01 - Barry and his new jeep

Most mornings, we headed down to the beach to fish.
We were early enough to catch some beautiful sunrises!!
00c - Beach - Sunrise
01 - Julie and Sunrise
00b - Beach - Sunrise
We actually caught a lot of fish!!
Nothing worth keeping, but we were “catching” and not just “fishing” ;o))
07 - Nancy caught a Blue  02 - Bill lands a sand shark  09 - Julie caught a Whiting
Andrew caught a Big Stingray!!
03 - Way to go Andrew
Most afternoons were spent at the beach or the pool or BOTH!!!
03a - Emily catching a wave
 13b - Samantha Surfer Girl00b - Andrew, Bill and the Great White Egret 15 - Julie, Steve and Daniel chilling
Most of our evenings were spent playing two of the kids favorite games:
Apples to Apples and Beat The Parents!!
05 - Games - Apples to Apples05b - Games - Beat the Parents
Of course they managed to soundly BEAT the parents:o((
One evening, we did manage to get Mom down to the beach :o)
02 - Julie, Mom, Gail and Bill  04 - Mom and the Wind on the Beach
We had a wonderful week…
04 - All of us on September 7, 201421a - Whole Gang and the Jeep
Making Memories :o))


  1. How fun! Your grandkids and kids will forever remember these memories. How great that your mom got to be a part of it!

  2. Oh, what fun! Those are memories that will remain forever!

    Also, nice Jeep. Looks vaguely familiar but the wrong color :) :) :)

  3. Glad all that bait you were drowning didn't go to waste and you actually caught something. I've always wondered if there was any reason to be on the beach early except to catch sunrises.

    What a wonderful week you had, I bet your mom loved being on the beach with her whole gang. Priceless! :c)

  4. It is always fun to spend time with the family, especially when everyone can come. Looks like you had beautiful weather for your "family week"!

  5. Now that just looks like so much fun. Love the family gathered around the new jeep member. And those sunrises are simply fabulous! Hope it's not all over yet. What great times.

  6. Great looking Jeep. What a fun time with family.

  7. Nothing like family time. One of our fondest memories to date was when we were at Myrtle Beach on our first year on the road. We grabbed our chairs and coffee and headed to the beach to watch what turned out to be a glorious sunrise with all of the shore fishers. What a great spot!

  8. What a great time you guys are having! It's wonderful that you can all spend this time together!!

  9. Those are some fantastic sunrise pictures! And just love all the family photos with those huge smiles -- great family times!!

  10. Sure looks like you had a great time with family. How nice to have your mom there to enjoy some times too. I see you are now in Modoc, I sure miss our spot at Volunteer Village!