A Week Of Family Fun !!! – September 1-8, 2014

On Monday, Labor Day, we headed north from Buck Hall Recreation Area.
Our destination for the next week is Pirateland Campground in Myrtle Beach, SC.
We arrived shortly after lunch time and hadn’t finished setting up
before Julie, Steve and the GRANDCHILDREN arrived!!
01 - Site 678 - Pirateland Campground 01b - Site 676 - Pirateland Campground
We set up as quickly as possible and all headed to the pool to cool off.
The temperatures this week are the hottest so far this summer !!!
First we hit the Lazy River….
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02 - Everybody in the Pool - Samatha and Steve in Lazy River 02c - Everybody in the Pool - Bill in Lazy River02d - Everybody in the Pool - Daniel in Lazy River 02b - Everybody in the Pool - Andrew in Lazy River
After a swim in the big pool,
we headed for some fun in the new Pirate Pool;o))
03 - Everybody in the Kiddie Pool - Samatha and Steve in Lazy River
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03b - Everybody in the Kiddie Pool - See that bucket of water up there03c - Everybody in the Kiddie Pool - Well here it comes03c - Everybody in the Kiddie Pool - Emily escapes
03d - Everybody in the Kiddie Pool - Grandmom and the girls find a shady pot
04 - Pedaling back to the camper
Perfect Start to a Great Week!!!



  1. If its hot, at least you have nice cool water. Enjoy.

  2. As beautiful as hikes through nature are, there is no better thing than spending time with the grandkids and seeing their happy faces. Nature will always be there, but the kids grow up too fast and head out on their own separate ways.

    You're giving them wonderful memories and heaping tons of love on them. Something they'll always remember. :c)

    We've enjoyed the Pirateland Lazy River in the past, now we'll have to return and try out the new pool!

  3. How fun! Kiddie pools are the best, they need adult pools with kid fun :)

  4. Family time is the best! And a pool and lazy river? Now that's the icing on the cake!

  5. There is nothing more special than spending time with your grandkids! Have a blast! :)

  6. That does look like a cool pool!

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  8. Looks like lots of fun for everyone. Need some pictures with you and Julie in them! It's a place none of us would probably go without grandkids. Lucky you to have them to take you there.

  9. We stayed at Pirateland when we visited Myrtle Beach 2 years ago . . . and the boys enjoyed the Lazy River that November even if it was COLD!! That's also where Bryce went fishing for crabs. I'm sure your family will have lots of fun, too!! Enjoy!

  10. Looks wonderful! Enjoy your family time!

  11. Looks like a great time with the family! Great memories!