Hanging Out At Huntington Beach SP – September 8-19, 2014

Our week with the Family at Pirateland Campground ended way to quickly. 
But we will see them again soon in October!!

In the meantime, we headed south about 15 miles to Huntington Beach State Park.  I guess you could call this our “Home” park.  We return here on a regular basis to check in with my mother, visit friends and take care of regular stuff.  Of course, we find time to enjoy the beautiful beach as well:o))
00 - Sunrise
One project we want to complete is getting a fishing cart.  However, it must be able to fit in the Tahoe next to our bikes, hold the Sea Eagle, still have room for the lounge chairs on top and not cost a fortune!! 
We haven’t found any that would meet our requirements… SO we decided to build one out of PVC.  I helped Bill design a cart and drew the plans on the computer.  It only took 2 trips to Home Depot and the help of our good friend Bill Jordan, to complete the cart!!
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How hard can this be ?!?!???
01b - Fishing Cart - Sort of like LEGOS  01a - Fishing Cart - In the beginning Parts on Picnic Table
Production Facility and Teamwork!!!
   We forgot WHAT???                                              This part goes WHERE???
01e - Fishing Cart - And THIS part goes WHERE  01f - Fishing Cart - Beginning to resemble a cart
Add  kayak wheels, removable legs and fishing poles…    Yep, we have a FISHING CART !!!
01g - Fishing Cart - Add Kayak Wheels and removeable legs 01h - Fishing Cart - Add the fishing pole holders
Time for a Test Drive :o))
01i - Fishing Cart - take it for a test drive
It fits in the Tahoe!!!

01j - Fishing Cart - fits in garage and holds the kayak 01k - Fishing Cart - lounge chairs fit flat on top of cart

When we were here from April to June this year,
the birds that usually fill the salt marsh and causeway had not arrived yet;o((
they’re here NOW :o))
Whenever I have free time,
I just hang out on the causeway and enjoy…
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02a1 - birds - Anhinga 02a2 - birds - Anhinga02b - birds - Cormorant

02c - birds - Wood Storks  02d - birds - Wood Stork02e2 - birds - Great White Egret  02e1 - birds -Great Blue Heron02e - birds - Wood Stork, Great White Egret, Great Blue Heron

02f - birds - Caspian Tern  02g - birds - Black Skimmers02h - birds - Bald Eagle

02j - birds - Roseate Spoonbill 02j1 - birds - Roseate Spoonbill and Snowy Egret02j2 - birds - Roseate Spoonbill 02j3 - birds - Roseate Spoonbill
It’s very common to see Gators napping and sunning along the causeway.
03 - Napping Gator  03b - Napping Gator
Occasionally, they share the waters with the birds !!!
04 - playing well together  04b - playing well together
OK, enough already…
05 - OK, enough photos already


  1. You better be quick and get a patent for that fishing cart, everyone is going to want one! Nice job.

    Your bird pictures are lovely.


  2. Nice job on the cart !! And if you don't glue it together and get tired of it you can always return the fittings and buy a dinner out on the town, well at least a hamburger.

  3. Never too many spoonbill pictures. Bit lucky you to have such a great "home park". I am so impressed with your cart. I had no idea you were such a computer geek you could design it on the computer. Really impressive! Perfect looking cart. Get a patent quick!

  4. Clever idea. I am sure it will get some good use. BTW. We are rereading your Maine posts. Hopefully, we are headed there after the reunion rally. How soon did you get reservations at Trenton and Lubec? You know that I am a planner :-).

  5. Great job on the cart. Love the spoonbills. That gave me just a bit of a twang that I might be needing a beach fix pretty soon.

  6. What a great design for the cart! You guys are pretty clever.

  7. Love the cart! And it's multi-purpose too! You 2 are so talented :)

  8. Love the spoonbills! I know Dan would have looped helping Bill with the cart!

  9. Very nice home park with all the birds at the causeway. The cart is a great design and very useful there.

  10. I'm impressed that it only took two trips to Home Depot to assemble the fishing cart and no blood was spilled during the process. :c)

    We love hanging out on the causeway at HBSP, nature at its finest!

  11. Great Pictures and can't get enough of those sunsets. Love the cart too! I think you should throw a couple comfy seat cushions in there, kick back with a good book and let Bill pull you around the campground. :-)