Aug 7, 2017 - Photos Of The Day - Acadia NP, ME

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Sargent & Gilmore Mountains
Via Giant Slide Trail

Giant Slide Trail is Bill's FAVORITE!!!

It starts off easy enough...

Then you meet the Rock Slide...
the FUN begins;-))

You climb over...

and you climb under when necessary!!

We will tackle this tunnel on our return trip.

But first we hang a left
on the Sargent Nortwest Trail.

Across the creek...

Up we go...

A short break to take in the view!!

We can see the summit....

This NEVER gets old!!!

Just an AMAZING view:o))

To the west, 
we see Gilmore, Parkman & Bald Peaks

A closer look at Gilmore Summit reveals 
two familiar people...
Yep, Sherry & David are at the summit!

Original plan was an out and back hike.
Bill decides to reroute by way of Gilmore 
to try and catch S&D.

We take the Gradgent Trail to Gilmore

S&D were gone when we arrived;-(

We continue down the Gradgent Trail

Bill is a happy hiker... BECAUSE...
Now we get to do the upper section of 
the Giant Slide and go through the tunnel :o))

Yea, nothing to it, 
just follow the blue dots !!!

Until you reach the TUNNEL!!!

After the tunnel, 
we hike the part of Giant Slide we did on the way up in reverse...just look at first 10 photos in reverse order;-))

All's Well That Ends Well !!!


  1. Never saw a trail you had to climb UNDER before, but leave it to you guys to find another amazing adventure! :cD

  2. Oh my goodness. What a trail, what a day. So sorry we didn't know you were coming! We'd have waited for you. Love your pictures!! Particularly liked the one of you sitting on the rock taking in the view and the look on your face coming down near the end. Perfect!! This is Bill's FAVORITE trail. I have to say I "sort of" liked what we did. But it's sure not my favorite. South Sargent probably.