Aug 3, 2017 - Photos Of The Day - Acadia NP, ME

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Carriage Road Walk To
Witch Hole Pond & Duck Brook Bridge

 Carriage Road Lined With Boulders
aka "Rockefeller Teeth"

Breakneck Pond Views

Headed To The Right, Around The Loop

First Stop... Blueberry Fields!!!

Second Stop... Duck Brook Bridge

Third Stop... Witch Hole Pond

Rockefeller Teeth Make Good Resting Spots:o)


  1. What a funny name for those rocks lining the road. Rockefeller must have had an ugly smile, eh?

    Surprised there were any blueberries left after Sherry and David were around! :cD

  2. Great post. I'm wondering why mine had to be any longer. Little does Paul know that you guys were there before us and it's a wonder there were any left for me. Great bridge pictures. SO glad to see you are as far behind as I am. Please don't hurry. I need company.

  3. Certainly have been enjoying your photo posts. Hoping that you will continue.

    1. OK, we were just talking about you two!! Where are you???