July 23, 2017 - Photos Of The Day - Acadia NP, ME

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A "5" Bagger Hike!!!

Trailhead to BALD Peak, the first stop

Another Rocky Climb

Bald Peak, bagged the first one:o)

Moving on to Parkman Mountain

Spectacular View from Parkman Summit...
 that's two peaks down:o))

Next stop will be Gilmore Peak

First we go down...

Then we go UP...

Gilmore Peak... The Third Peak is in the bag:o)))

Moving on UP to Sargent Mountain

Sargent Mountain, Second Highest Peak in Acadia NP
#4 is in the BAG:o))))

Amazing View from where we came!!

Time for Lunch with a VIEW!!!!

A little nap before moving on to number 5 
(Sleeping in the Shadow of Cadillac Mountain)

Spectacular Views on the Sargent South Ridge Trail

Another rocky climb...yeah!!!

Cedar Swamp Summit completes the 5 Bagger:o)))))

The Final Leg...all downhill;o))
It was an AMAZING day on the MOUNTAINS!!!!


  1. Sure does look like an amazing day. Doesn't get much better than that!

  2. Glad to see a picture of Bill napping. I was beginning to wonder if ya'll ever sit still! :c)

  3. Well I'm tired just reading this. Great pictures! You guys are intrepid. Having lots of trouble with my connection even at the library, hope you got my email.