July 31, 2017 - Photos Of The Day - Acadia NP, ME

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The Last of 30 Peaks
Hike to Huguenot Head

Heading up Champlain North Trail to reach Huguenot Head

Champlain Summit in the distance

As always...Up We Go!!

Beautiful morning view over the water!!

Still heading UP!!

Almost at Champlain Summit

Beautiful morning at Champlain Summit:o))

Looking South, we can see Huguenot Head

Heading South toward Dorr and Cadillac 
on our way to Huguenot Head

It's a difficult and steep descent to Huguenot Summit

Difficult hike for such a miniscule summit;o((
This completes Bill's summer goal...
Hiking to all 30 of Acadia's named peaks!!  
A few we actually hiked more than once :o))


  1. Wow! All that hiking and you still took the time to eat some lobster, not to mention bruise your pinky toe.

  2. Victory! Congrats on conquering all those summits. What's next? Hiking all the valleys? :cD

  3. We're in awe! Pretty amazing accomplishment for only two months and some of the peaks more than once. Congratulations again!!

  4. Awesome! Nice being able to be there for a couple of months! We'd have liked to have done more hiking while we were there. Did you do Beehive and the Bubbles? Be careful of Irma while you're over there! Do you have a bugout plan?

    1. Yes we did Beehive but headed up from The Bowl and did the Bubbles, several times!!! Actually did all 30 named peaks...it was an awesome summer. We have lived in South Carolina for many years and don't play around with hurricanes. If Irma is coming this way, we will be going the other way and as early as possible!!!