Family Fun Days – Sunday, May 10 to Saturday, May 16, 2015

Our daughter, Julie and her family came down from Raleigh, NC to Ocean Lakes Campground in Myrtle Beach so we could spend some Family Fun Days together before we head north for the summer.  Tropical Storm Ana tried to hamper our fun, but that was not going to happen;o))

Mother’s Day, Sunday May 10th

Today, we all headed to Great Grandmom’s to celebrate Mother’s Day. 

We enjoyed a fantastic brunch in her beautiful dining room.

02 - Mother's Day Brunch 

Then headed back to her apartment for a rip roaring game of Apples to Apples!!

01 - Great Grandmom, Emily and Samantha

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Monday, May 11th to Saturday, May 16th

On Monday, Bill and I moved Baby to Ocean Lakes Campground. 

It is not our favorite type of campground, but it is perfect to spend time with the KIDS!!

03- Site 3031 Ocean Lakes CG03b - The Neighborhood - Ocean Lakes CG

Of course, the BIG attraction is the beach!!!

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04 - beach The girls alligator04b - beach The girls - Surfs Up
04i - beach - Guys were fishing
04e - beach - Grandpop and the boys04f - beach - Grandpop and the girls

04c - beach - Julie04c2 - beach - Julie & Daniel04d - beach - Daniel the newest teenager
04h - beach - Grandmom and Samantha clam digging
04j1 - beach - Girls were swimming04j2 - beach - Girls were swimming

04g2 - beach - Grandpop, Grandmom and the kids

There was MORE than just beach fun!!!

We had several chances 
to win Steve a “I Won Bingo At Ocean Lakes Campground” T-shirt.

However, even with 8 of us, 
we couldn’t win a single game, but we had lots of laughs:o))

Better luck next time, Steve!!
05 - bingo - Loser Bingo - Steve

We tried our hand at Table Tennis.

Some of us were much better than others;o)06 - Table Tennis

Another favorite was Golf Cart Rides!!

How’s this for a “Cool” bunch of Grandkids!!07 - Cool Grandkids

Emily and Samantha were very patient with Grandpop.

They tried to teach him how to play UNO by THEIR rules ;o))

Accordingly to the girls, he is a very slow learner !!!

08 - Girls teaching Grandpop to play UNO

We got to watch Julie and Andrew fish in the pond and view some nature too!!!
11- Pond Fishing and the Swan Family  11b - Baby ducks

We brought Great Grandmom up for a Pizza Party!!

10 - Great Grandmom came for a pizza party

Of course, what would a party be without entertainment…

Everyone had to sing for their dessert !!!

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10b - Emily and Samantha singing their duet10c - Daniel singing for dessert10d - Andrew beatboxing10f - Steve recruited some backup singers10e - Julie performing Sound of Music10g - Great Grandmom carrying a tune

It just doesn't get any better !!!

09 - Family Selfie


  1. I have said this before --- nothing better than family time. We are loading our MH. See you in a few days.

    1. We are so glad you are headed this way!! It has been way toooooooo long:o))

      Safe Travels........

  2. Looks like everyone had fun! We have enjoyed watching the kids grow up through your camera. Bill looks dwarfed by the oldest. Must have his dad's genes. See ya soon!
    Syl & Gin

    1. Yep... We are on the move... See you very soon!!!

  3. How much fun is that! Be loving that warm beach weather about now ourselves :)

  4. There's nothing like quality family time.

  5. If I had to sing for my desert, I'd never get any. Everyone would flee and take the desert with them... :cD

  6. What a great week! That last picture says it all. What a great picture!
    See you soon.

    1. I can feel the earth tilting as we all move toward Marion;o)) See you real soon!!

  7. What a great week! That last picture says it all. What a great picture!
    See you soon.

  8. Really wonderful pictures Nancy. That last one is a real keeper. Might look good on Great Gran Mom's wall. It is just marvelous that you have such a terrific time with your family. Not everyone is that lucky. The beach is such a great place to spend time together. That's a fabulous alligator, did the girls make it? Sorry to hear Bill can't play by the rules. LOL What did you and Bill sing for your desserts? I want a replay next time we're together. For sure now you won't ever get any cherry pie without a song. :-)

    1. The girls befriended the alligator...until the tide came in;-((

      The cook makes the rules and rule #1, the cook doesn't sing;o)) Bill just weaseled out of it!!!

  9. Love the pictures! Your grand kids will forever remember the fun with you. See you soon!

  10. Sure wish we could say see you soon too! Your family beach vacation looked like a blast. Have fun at the reunion rally!

  11. Looks like you had a great time! See you soon!!

  12. Looks like you had a really great week. Now you have just enough time to rest up for the reunion!

    See you soon!