Beginning Our Summer Travels – Sat, May 16 & Sun, May 17, 2015

We have been in the Murrells Inlet/Myrtle Beach, SC area since March 25.  We have accomplished a lot, but now it is time to head north and find some new adventures!!  Our ultimate goal is to head back to Maine where we will spend about 7 weeks.  But there are several fun stops along the way.

Departure Day, Saturday, May 16th

We were up and on the road by 8am.  Today was the last day of Myrtle Beach Biker Week and we wanted to be out of town before the roads got really congested. 

We were headed to Magnolia Campground in the Sumter National Forest for one night.

00 - Travel Map to Magnolia CG, Kinards, SC

Most of the bikers will not be leaving until tomorrow, 
but we had a few coming along with us;o)

01 - Leaving Ocean Lakes with some of the bikers

This guy must really love his guitar!!! 
You don’t have much room for stuff on a Motorcycle;0)

01c - Leaving Ocean Lakes - biker with guitar

I am beginning to relax and enjoy riding as a Co-pilot.
It is nice to be able to just see things and snap pictures safely ;-0)

These four photo really do say...

It’s A Southern Thing ;o)

02a - It's a Southern Thing - Billboard Ad 02c - It's a Southern Thing - Billboard Ad02b - It's a Southern Thing - Billboard Ad 02d - It's a Southern Thing - Billboard Ad

How about this FUN photo of a Towing Toad!!

3 - A towing toad

We had a beautiful travel day and very light traffic on I-20 and I-26!!

05 - Pretty Travel Day

We arrived at Magnolia Campground, just off I-26 near Kinard, SC before 1pm.

06a - Magnolia CG Sign 06b - Magnolia CG - Site 28, just fit

That gave Bill plenty of time to get our laundry done!!!

Moving Toward Asheville, NC – Sun, May 17th

We are heading to the RV-Dreams Family Reunion Rally just North of Asheville next week.  So we decided to check out Lake Powhatan Recreation Area for the 6 days prior to the rally.  Lake Powhatan is just a few miles south of Asheville in the Pisgah National Forest.

We had a very easy travel day from Kinard, SC to Lake Powhatan near Asheville.

It was just 100 miles on I-26 all the way!!

02a - Travel Map

If you are heading through South Carolina on I-26,
there is a very easy access Shell Station at Exit 38.

02b - I-26 easy diesel station

Easy In, Easy Out and…

 02c - I-26 easy in Shell Station02d - I-26 easy out Shell Station

the Price is cheap!!

02e - I-26 cheap diesel Shell Station

BUT….   Here’s the REAL WINNER!!!

BOGO  Yoo Hoo ;o)))

02f - I-26 BOGO Yoo Hoo Shell Station

Bill really shouldn’t leave me alone with just a camera!!!

We had a BEAUTIFUL ride into the mountains:o))

03b - beautiful ride entering North Carolina03a2 - beautiful ride into the mountains03a - hazy but beautiful ride into the mountains03b2 - beautiful ride in North Carolina

Our trip was really enjoyable...
we arrived at Lake Powhatan Campground before noon.

01c - Lake Powhatan - Entrance Gate

Click on any photo to enlarge
hover your mouse on any photo for a description

01a - Lake Powhatan - FHU Site 4601a - Lake Powhatan - FHU Site 46 - Backyard View
01b1 - Lake Powhatan - Site 46 surrounded by Tulip Trees
01b - Lake Powhatan - View Behind Site 4601b2 - Lake Powhatan - View Behind Site 46

We got set up and had some lunch,
then took a drive to the Pisgah Ranger Station Visitor Center.

04 - Pisgah Ranger Station Visitor Center

They had the most helpful volunteers that loaded us down with tons of information.

There is no way we will accomplish everything in just one visit!!!


04b - Mountain Laurel

We’re gonna try ;o)))


  1. So glad you have started your summer travels! I have a couple of hikes picked out for us to do while we are at the rally! See you soon!

  2. Glad to hear you are enjoying being a co-pilot. Your pictures from the road have definitely improved! The mountain pictures are making me miss Georgia.

  3. Finally, you get to be a co-pilot! You might even find it's fun to have conversation while you're traveling down the road, if you can put that camera down! :cD

    Did Baby want to make a right turn as you passed the exit for Gaffney?

    We will have to check out that Magnolia CG, it seems close to where we like to be. Have a great time at the reunion, wish we were able to be with ya'll.

  4. We knew you'd like Lake Powhatan :) We're your down-the-road neighbors in Maggie Valley. See you Saturday.

  5. Oh that Mountain Laurel is simply gorgeous. Baby sure does have a cleaner windshield than Winnona. Your pictures out the window are sharp and clear. I guess that's because you have Bill and I don't. LOL What a beautiful campsite at Powhatan. Did you drink both the Yoo Hoo or share one with Bill? Bet you added some Bosco to it too didn't you!!!!!!

    1. I wouldn't waste Bosco on Yoo Hoo if I could find it;o))

  6. Wonderful! Can't wait to see how you like the campground and Ashville. I am thinking of routing next spring's travels through there.

  7. Love Lake Powhatan! See you Saturday!!

  8. We are in Chattanooga for two nights visiting a cousin. See you Saturday!

  9. Wish I could say 'see you Saturday' too :( Going to miss everyone at the rally. Give big hugs!