Changes At Huntington Beach SP - Friday, March 17, 2015

Bill and I arrived back at our "Home Base" campground, Huntington Beach State Park on Wednesday afternoon.  We came from Loris by way of Gaffney, South Carolina where we had the annual maintenance done.  

We are happy to report that Baby is fit as a fiddle:o))

We are here to see Mom and help her with taxes and some changes that will be occurring in her everyday life.  She is going to stop driving.  That means a loss of independence, but we know it is the best thing for her safety and the safety of others.

I hope to have time to get our winter travels updated on the blog before we head out in mid May for our summer travels.  I'm writing this quick blog to let you know that Huntington Beach has had a major increase in its site rates:o(((  The rates will vary depending on the time of year, the day of the week and if it is a holiday or not!!  

Here goes... hope you can follow this....

There are 2 types of sites at Huntington.  
They are all 30 amp, but some are FHU and some are just W/E.  

Basic Campsite Rates:  FHU $35+tax     W/E $32+tax

Apr-Aug 15, Sep & weekends from Mar-Thanksgiving:  FHU $55+tax    W/E $46+tax

Holiday Weekends:  FHU $62+tax     W/E $55+tax

Last minute and/or near full campground:  FHU $70+tax     W/E $65+tax

So it is going to cost more to stay at this wonderful park!!!  

Also, you can now make reservations 13 months ahead on Reserve America.

Fortunately, we had made our reservations through Apr 2016 before the price hike:o))

 But... going forward it will cost us substantially more to be near mom!!  


  1. That is outrageous!!! Where do they get the idea that these prices are fair? You might as well head to a real RV resort and pay less. For that money I'd expect level concrete pads at each site, complete with a butler to take care of your needs... ;c)

    Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do and I'm sure your mom appreciates you being close by.

  2. WOW, that is HIGH! I thought the SC ocean parks were already $40 a night for W/E so the "basic" rate is lower than I thought. But those date restrictions make it very tricky to figure out what it's going to cost you. Wonder if Edisto and Hunting Island have this same stuff too?? Sorry to hear about the hit to your wallet. Hope your time with Mom is productive.

  3. WOW! I know where we're not going. It's so much cheaper in the west. :-))

  4. Wow! That is quite a jump. I think we'll be seeing more of that coming up. Someone must have decided that the economy was doing well :) They just raised the rates at those 3 beautiful COE parks (St. Lucie, Ortona and WP Franklin) in FL too! Although nowhere near what SC did.
    As Paul said, sometimes we have to do what we have to do. It doesn't mean we have to like it! :)

  5. OUCH!!! We're glad we were able to experience that beautiful park when we did! Those prices are not only very confusing, but absolutely ridiculous!!! Hopefully people stay away, and South Carolina realizes the big mistake they're making with that excessive fee increase.

  6. Wow -- that is REALLY high for a state park!! I just booked Mother's Day weekend at Pirateland, and I thought it was a little high at $55, but that's a 50amp FHU pull-thru right down by the beach . . . we picked it for a few fun "pool days" with Nicolas at the end of his leave.

  7. Wow is right. We love this park but this is too high to justify. Hope your mom is doing well.

  8. Holy smokes that's a big jump! Might have to find something else when in the area. Good decision for your Mom to stop driving. Hopefully she can take the 'short bus' to her stores and doctors.

  9. Ouch. Our favorite state park that we occasionally visit near Lafayette IN also seems expensive to me. In Indiana (lots of problems there right now) the increases are due to decreases in support from the State government (the cause of most of Indiana's problems). In my opinion.