As the Lazydays Turns:-) - Sunday, January 12 to ???, 2014

On Sunday, January 12th our time was up at Myakka River State Park.  But before we left, we took one last early morning walk to the birdwalk.  We saw a few things we hadn’t seen before.
Just shortly after we started, as we rounded the corner,
a Feral Hog/Wild Pig was out in the middle of the road!!01 - Wild Pig
It was cool to see it, but the destruction they do is so sad:o((
A bit farther and we saw a deer feeding across Myakka Lake!!
03 - deer across the lake
Once we reach the boardwalk,
the only new thing was a flock of American Coots.02 - birdwalk coots
It was a beautiful morning,
but we didn’t have time to just linger;o((
On our way back to the RV,
we notice the Resurrection Ferns were all happy from the overnight rains!!04 - Resurrection Ferns
Once we got back, Bill started to prepare the outside for travel.
I defrosted some leftover Buckwheat Corncakes and fixed a hearty breakfast.
We added our last banana and some of our wild blueberries from Maine:o))
05 - Buckwheat Corncakes with Bananas and Wild Blueberries
This should sustain us during our 1 hour drive to Lazydays RV near Tampa;o))
It didn’t take long before we were packed up and headed down Myakka SP Drive.
06 - Leaving Myakka - Main Park Road
Hate to leave but…   we WILL be back!!!
All but about 5 miles of our 62 mile trip was on I-75 North.
07 - I75 north - light traffic - TECO plant in distance
Traffic was very light!!
In about an hour,
we pulled into Lazydays and were led to our service site at the Crown Club.
08 - arriving at Lazydays  09a - Lazydays Service Site
Since it was Sunday, nothing will happen today.  Our appointment with our service advisor is scheduled for 1 pm tomorrow.  We have some annual maintenance to be done and a couple warranty issues that need to be address. 
The biggest issue is our house batteries.  They only last 6 months and then they are dead and need to be replaced.  We have had 3 new sets of batteries. Replacing the batteries is not the solution.  They need to figure out why they go dead.  These are expensive, 12 volt AGM Maintenance Free Batteries.  It appears that they do not recharge.  When they go dead, we cannot run anything unless we are plugged in.  So driving down the road, we can’t run the generator or even the refrigerator on propane.  We sure hope we get to root cause of this issue!! If not, we may be spending the summer at the Winnebago Factory in Iowa!!
Early Tuesday afternoon, we were moved into a service bay. 
 09c - Bay 527
While they got started on Tuesday,
our service tech was assigned to the RV Supershow on Wednesday and Thursday.
Since, we knew nothing more would get done before Friday…
we headed to the show as well on Wednesday.
We were at the Tampa State Fair Grounds before 9am when the show opened.
01 - RV Supershow - Florida State Fair Grounds  01b - RV Supershow - Ticket Booth
We definitely beat the crowds and headed to the Vendor Areas.01c - RV Supershow - No crowds early
Bill had about 4 things he wanted to get while we were here.
We found NONE of them:o((
Next we headed to the seminar tent.
Howard and Linda Payne, the RV-Dreams founders,
were doing a Tire Safety and RV Weighing Seminar.
01d - RV Supershow - Howard - Safety and Tire Seminar
After the seminar, we spent some time catching up with some RV-Dreams Friends:o))01g - RV Supershow - RV-Dreamers hanging out01e - RV Supershow - Sherry and David01f - RV Supershow - Lois and Don
Sherry and David                                                       Lois and Don
It was almost 2pm by the time we all headed our separate ways.
We headed back to check out the new Winnebagos. 
Didn’t see anything we needed there;o))
We did manage to meet up with a couple more RV-Dream couples.01h - RV Supershow - Lee, Martha, Neal, Nancy
Lee and Martha                                 Neil and Nancy
All of these couples are people we have met at RV-Dreams Rallies. 
They are all spending time in Florida this winter!!!
So glad we had the chance to meet and catch up a little:o))
Next we checked out the Vintage RVs.01j - RV Supershow - Vintage RVs
By now, the show had got REAL crowded and we decided we had seen enough.
On our way out, we did get to see this unique parade;o))
01i - RV Supershow - Street Performers Parade
Back at Lazydays, we spent the evening in our Motorhome in the service bay.  On Thursday, they did a little bit of the maintenance work and we just piddled away the day. Then on Friday, they finished up most of the maintenance work and we were moved back on a regular site until at least Monday.  Warranty work needs to be approved and that will not happen over the weekend!!
Our big hope is that in this coming week...
they will finally get to the “Root Cause” of our battery problem!!!


  1. That's my hope for you too. How long has this been going on now? It must seem like forever. Great pictures of the RV show. Your camera sure did a great job of dealing with the lighting inside the tent during Howard's seminar. You can hardly see him it's so dark in mine. Do I have camera envy?? Yes! :-) See you soon!!

  2. Yes there are a lot of Dreamers in Florida this winter. Myakka looks like a great place to spend some time. Say hey to Shawn at LD. We know it will take some time, but the batteries will be fixed. It may take a trip to Iowa to get it done, but Winnebago will fix it. I wonder if it was wired right. Be patient.

  3. Fingers crossed for you so you don't have to travel all the way to Winnebago for a solution! With the cool weather, you're not missing anything by being at LD for awhile :)

  4. We have heard wonderful things about Lazy Days (not only from you). Hopefully, they will figure it out. Losing batteries every six months would definitely be a pain. It was fun to see pics of all the RV Dreams folks. BTW. We will be doing a shorter whirlwind trip this summer. Maybe you will be in one of these spots: Betty's RV Park in Abbeville, LA; Auburn AL (only one night); Asheville NC?

  5. We went to the show today, Sunday. Didn't see anyone we knew except the Amazon HR folks :-). Went early and left mid-afternoon as well. Thankfully, after looking at several rigs that had been on out "short list", we're still very happy with the Solitude...whew!

  6. Ah...I remember the Tampa RV Show was 3 years ago when we first met so many great RV-Dream folks, including yourselves! Hope they are able to figure out your battery issue...good luck and safe travels!

  7. I'm very interested in what Lazy Days will come up with on your batteries. We're heading for the Winnie factory in April for a pesky slide leak and have them check out our inverter/charger. We can charge the batteries fine but we can't run the inverter, we get a bad burning smell. A new inverter/charger for our MH is over $1280, so we want them to check it out and use our extended warranty to cover the repairs. That way we know they'll have the parts in stock.

    BTW, our batteries are the cheapo flooded cell batteries and have been in our couch for six years. There is something radically wrong that your AGMs are dead after only 6 months, but you already knew that! ;c)

  8. It seems a vast majority of the indoor vendor space at the RV show is now taken by RV resorts. We spent Friday and Saturday there and were not able to find a few of things we were looking for, but Hub did buy a small, remote controlled helicopter with video capability. Yup, great time.

  9. That deer looks so graceful on the lake. I bet you see a lot of wildlife whenever you go on your adventures. That's one of the best parts of traveling with an RV. There's always something new to see, which is why I am also in love with my trailer. Every journey and every sight is a new scene, and the adventures just keep coming. I hope you're enjoying your journey, as much as I do. All the best to you!

    Austin Hawkins @ Champion Trailers