Just A Couple Weeks In Paradise;o) – Sunday – November 10, 2013

Since I’m several months behind on my blog and I know it is cold farther north,
I thought I’d do a quick update of our current adventure.
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For the past couple of weeks we have been hanging out with friends
at Curry Hammock State Park near Marathon in the Florida Keys!!! 
0 - Map
01 - Curry Hammock Sign
0 - Map closeup
Getting a campsite in any of the Florida Keys State Parks is like playing the lottery!!
Last November, Tricia was looking and found several sites at Curry Hammock.
She sent each of us an email and we were all booked in less than 20 minutes;o)
00 - Hanging out with Friends 
Nancy, Rick, Gail, Gin, Bruce, Bill, Syl, Tricia, Laura, Dan
We snagged the last 5 sites, 3 on the ocean and 2 directly across the street!!
                    Dan & Tricia                                  Bruce & Laura                                      Gin & Syl
00a - Dan and Tricia Site on Ocean00ba - Bruce and Laura site on the ocean00c -Gin and Syl site on the ocean00d -Rick and Gail site across the street00e - Nancy and Bill site across the street
                                                     Rick & Gail                                         Bill & Nancy
Curry Hammock is the newest of the four state parks in the keys.
It is small, 27 sites (2 are for camp hosts) and each site is very private.
We have had weather in the mid 80’s and most days a good breeze!!!
With that kind of weather,
we have spent lots of time enjoying the beach and the WARM water …
01a - Curry Hammock Beach
01b - Floating the day away      01c - Nancy and Gail drifting out to sea
01d - Lots of wind and wind surfers   01e - Sunset from the beach 
We had several kayak adventures to exotic places…
04 - Kayaking around the state park04a - past The Group Home04b - past the The Group Home Beach04c - through the Magroves04d - under the bridge
5 - Kayaking the Canals - crossing the bay
5a - Kayaking the Canals - approaching the canals5b - Kayaking the Canals5c - Kayaking the Canals - back at campground safe and sound
…and we did it all right from the campground;o))
Mother Nature shared her wonders….
Rainbows, Sunrises, Sunsets, and even an Eclipse!!
06 - Rainbow06c - Sunrise06a- Sunset at campground06d -  Eclipse
Six of us challenged the old Seven Mile Bridge to a Sunrise Walk!!09a2 - early morning 7 mile bridge walk09a - early morning 7 mile bridge walk - sunrise  09a3 - early morning 7 mile bridge walk - yep we went all the way to the end
We made good use of the wonderful bike trails we could access right from the campground:o))10 - bike riding - terrorizing the neighborhood  10a - Another Bike Ride
Bill wants to thank all our friends for his  SPECIAL 65th Birthday Celebration!!!
                        Great Food
12 -Bill's Birthday Celebration Friends, Food, Balloons, Button, Homemade Ice Cream and Lima Bean Cake
Birthday Balloons and Pin
12b -Bill's Birthday Celebration Friends, Food, Balloons, Button, Homemade Ice Cream and Lima Bean Cake
Homemade Ice Cream    
12c -Bill's Birthday Celebration Friends, Food, Balloons, Button, Homemade Ice Cream and Lima Bean Cake
Lima Bean Cake;o))
12d -Bill's Birthday Celebration Friends, Food, Balloons, Button, Homemade Ice Cream and Lima Bean Cake
Of course we can’t forget that…
Nature Is Amazing!!!
17b - Iguana17a - iguana - that's close enough17c - iguana - little green one
17d - Hermit Crab      17e - Big Crab
17f - Lots of shore birds17g - Yellow Crowned Night Heron17h - Osprey overhead (1)17j - egret caught a shrimp17k - oops shrimp got away
17i - Little Blue Heron
17l -  hammerhead shark  17m - spotted ray
Great Place, Great Fun, Great Friends!!!


  1. Me too!! Well envious. Great plan Bill to have your birthday in the keys. So sorry to miss this BIG one. Fantastic pictures Nancy. Thanks so much for posting them.

  2. Wonderful couple of weeks with great friends! The stars alligned just right for us to get our sites together. Love the iguanas! Happy Birthday Bill!

  3. Lucky Bill to celebrate his birthday in paradise! Happy Birthday Bill!!

  4. Great post and pictures Nancy! It's been an amazing couple weeks and you've documented it well :) What fun we've had!

  5. Great post, great friends, great fun!

  6. Looks like a great time! Amazing that you not only snagged 5 sites, but they were all together!! Happy Birthday, Bill, and many more!!!

  7. What a terrific place to be with great people. Happy birthday, Bill :-)

  8. You documented it well. Loved every minute of it! Many memories made with great friends!

  9. We are not yet far enough south to enjoy the warmth, but we are close. Looks like you guys had a great time. We tried to get state park reservations in the keys a couple of years ago, but no luck. Good luck. What a beautiful place. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BILL!