A Couple ‘MORE’ Weeks In Paradise ;o) – Sunday – November 24, 2013

After spending a great 2 weeks with friends at Curry Hammock State Park near Marathon in the Florida Keys, Bill and I were lucky to get another 2 week reservation a little further south at Bahia Honda State Park near Big Pine Key!!!  Getting a reservation at any of the State Parks in the Keys is almost impossible, but to get one – on the water – at Bahia Honda is just sheer luck!!!
00a - Campground - Bahia Honda State Park Map
00 - Campground - Bahia Honda State Park Map
Bahia Honda State Park is absolutely gorgeous! 
Hope you enjoy this photo diary of our time here:o))

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Site 24 in Buttonwood Campground

00a- Campground - Our Site 24  00b Campground - Site 24 - Bahia Honbda SP - November 10-24, 201300c - Campground - Site 24 - Bahia Honda SP - Waterfront  00d - Yep, we're on the waterfront00ed - Every night we got to see the sunset from our campsite


The Old Bahia Honda Bridge is part of the State Park
provides beautiful views!!

01a - Old Bridge - Sign

01b - Old Bridge - Path to the old bridge  01c - Old Bridge - Iguana bridge greeter

01f - Old Bridge - view of railroad (lower) and road (upper) of old bridge

01d - Old Bridge - view of entire Bahia Honda SP 

01e - Old Bridge - Bahia Honda SP Campground - Baby is near the road

01g - Old Bridge - Sunrise  01h - Old Bridge - sunset


Wildlife was EVERYWHERE!!

03a - Wildlife - Osprey03f - Wildlife - Pelicans03g - Wildlife - our campsite Little Blue Heron03k - Wildlife - Limpkin03b - Wildlife - Ibis03l - Wildlife - Shorebirds03j - Wildlife - Miniature Doe and Fawn on Big Pine Key03i - Wildlife - Miniature Buck on Big Pine Key Preserve03c - Wildlife - Tropical Fish at our Campsite03e - Wildlife - Conchs03n - Wildlife - Manatee came under our fishing bridge03m - Wildlife - Sting Ray under the clear water



What did we DO???

We walked…

04b1 - Things we did - We walked the beaches04b2 - Things we did - We walked in the wind


We rode bikes in the Campground…

04c1 - Things we did - Riding bikes at the campground04c3 - Things we did - Riding bikes to our fishing point04c2 - Things we did - Riding bikes at the campground



04c4 - Things we did - Big Pine Key bike ride to see the protected minature Key Deer04c5 - Things we did - Big Pine Key bike ride to see the protected minature Key Deer

We rode bikes on Big Pine Key…

04c5 - Things we did - Big Pine Key lunch at No Name Pub outside04c6 - Things we did - Big Pine Key lunch at No Name Pub dollar bill covered inside



We fished almost every day…

04d2 - Things we did - Fishing at our favorite spot- Snapper Point  04d3 - Things we did - Catching Mangrove Snappers  04d5 - Things we did - Fishing from the bridges - Bill caught a Scrawled Filefish04d1 - Things we did - Fishing in our backyard


We enjoyed the warm waters…

04d5 - Things we did - Snorkling in our backyard   04d6 - Things we did - Enjoying the 80 degree water in our backyard


We had a WONDERFUL time!!!

10 - Sunrise at Bahia Honda- Just doesn't get any better 10 - Sunset at Bahia Honda- Just doesn't get any better

It just doesn’t get any better:o))


  1. What a great time! I sure am envying you all this beautiful time in the keys. And WARM water and warm temperatures! SIGH......... Today it's a high of 48 with 20+ mph winds here in South Carolina, low of 31. Hmmmm SOUTH? Sure doesn't feel like it. Don't hurry back if you know what is good for you. The pictures are simply fabulous. Who cleans the fish? :-))

  2. Fantastic photo diary! It looks like Bahia Honda will have to go on our list. To be right on the water like that would be amazing :) Yes, it definitely was a wonderful trip whether for 2, 3, 4 or 6 weeks! :) :) See you shortly!

  3. Not sure if the pics were sunrise or sunset but I know you don't mind being the early bird. Those Key Deer are so cute. Hope we can manage to go to BH some time in the future. Travel safely.

  4. What a wonderful place to sit. The keys are on our list for someday!

  5. Wow...great pics of a beautiful area! I think you have just added one to our bucket list.
    Safe travels!

  6. Bahia Honda is definitely a must do the next time we are in the Keys! Looks like you guys had a great time!!

  7. You are sooo lucky! I'm going to have to let you buy my lottery tickets. :c)

    Wonderful pictures, what an excellent time at a super place!

  8. Yep - that one is added to our ever growing "list"! Great pics!

  9. Good things happen to good folks. Glad you had fun

  10. Great pictures, and it looked like so much fun!!

  11. Oh you lucky little devils, you! Al's aunt and uncle used to finagle a whole winter at Bahia Honda back in the 70's and they always said what a wonderful place it was. I'm glad to have seen it through your eyes.

  12. Just beautiful. You have a fantastic back yard! And I can't get over how clear the water is. The Sting Ray doesn't even look like it's IN water.