Travel Day to Midway – Thursday – February 21, 2013

Early this morning we left Flamingo and headed to Midway Campground on Rt 41, the Tamiami Trail. You cannot make a reservation at Midway, so we wanted to arrived as early as possible to get an open site.

We made one last stop at our favorite produce stand, “Robert Is Here,” to stock up on some wonder fresh vegetables.

This time, we found the correct turn onto Rt 997 and headed through Florida City and Homestead. This is a very agricultural area. We passed field after field of tomatoes, corn, cabbages, etc.

At Rt 41, we made a left and immediately hit the construction that is going on to correct the damage done to the Everglades. When the construction is complete, the flow from Lake Okeechobee will be corrected and the Everglades ecosystem will begin to return to what it once was.

As we drove through the construction, we saw a cyclist who we met later at the campground. He had left Miami early this morning and was on a trip across Florida to Naples. There he was going to get a ferry to Key West and bike the entire keys returning again to Miami…that’s a lot of pedaling.

We love the ride across the Tamiami Trail. Once you get through the construction, it's so beautiful. Two lanes, very little traffic and a beautiful tree-lined highway with canals where you can usually see alligators as you drive!!

When we got to Midway, we were fortunate to get site 14, one of the nicest in the park. This is the perfect location to return to Shark Valley to bike, visit Big Cypress Preserve and Everglades City. The next few days will be lots of fun.

Our day ended with a wonderful dinner of all the fresh produce we picked up at Roberts.
It doesn’t get much better!!!

21 - leaving Flamingo
21a1 - Robert is Here21a2
21a321b2 - Tamiami Trail Cyclist21b - Tamiami Trail Cyclist
21c - ride along 41-tamiami trail
21d - Site 14 at Midway21e - Site 14 at Midway
21f - A Robert is Here Dinner


  1. You're not supposed to drive and take pictures at the same time dontcha know?? You have to watch out for those alligators! :)
    Love the new site! I can see why you like it there!

  2. I like the plan of tell the story, show the pictures. It seems a lot easier to put together. Can't remember which site is 14 or what makes it so good. That vegetable plate looks almost exactly like one here. My favorite dinner.

  3. We enjoyed the Tamiami too. It helped that we timed the construction just right. We hope to stop in Midway in October on our way to the Keys. We'll check out site 14 then.

  4. I wish Robert was everywhere! ;c)

    That is a long bike ride, hope he makes it okay, some of those stretches on the Keys highway are narrow.

    Site 14 looks like it was made for you. Nice picture of Baby and her little friend.

  5. Everybody seems to stop at Robert's place :) You guys got lucky getting the perfect site, too!

  6. After you leave the construction behind, we loved driving on the Tamiami Trail! Beautiful scenery!

  7. Robert is Here.... the best fresh produce place we have enjoyed during our five years of travel. Can't wait to hear about what you did next.

  8. Hats off to the cyclist! That's a long bike ride.