Everglades National Park, Day 13 – Wednesday – February 20, 2013

Day 13, Wednesday – Our Final Day at Flamingo Campground in the Everglades!!
The past two weeks has been so amazing!!  We were not sure what to expect during our first visit to this part of the Everglades.  We knew we would be without stores, phone, internet and television which did not bother us at all.  What we weren’t sure of was the environment??  All you hear on the news is about Burmese Pythons…a non-issue during our visit.  Of course, insects are mentioned whenever you hear about the Everglades. As we’ve said many times, “we live a charmed life” and insects were a non-issue also;o))  We did have strong winds which created a bug-less visit!!  However, we’ll take that compromise any day:o)
We will be leaving very early in the morning to try and snag a non-reservable site at Midway Campground near the Big Cypress National Preserve and Visitor Center.  So I am packing up everything and of course, cleaning everything in preparation;o))  Nancy, on the other hand, is off with her camera to soak up one more day in this wonderful place!!
Nancy here: 
The rest of the blog is PHOTOS… LOTS and LOTS OF PHOTOS!!!  I have fallen in love with this place and wanted to capture as much of it as possible until we can visit again.  All of the photos in todays blog were taken today!!!  Hard to imagine all this beauty is within walking distance of your RV whenever you want to take a walk:o))
First stop… Sunrise at Eco Pond01a - Eco Pond at Sunrise01c - Eco Pond at Sunrise01b - Eco Pond at Sunrise
Early Morning Reflections
01d - Eco Pond at Sunrise01d2 - Eco Pond at Sunrise01e - Eco Pond at Sunrise01e2 - Eco Pond at Sunrise01e5 - Eco Pond at Sunrise01e3 - Eco Pond at Sunrise01e4 - Eco Pond at Sunrise01e6 - Eco Pond at Sunrise
In case you couldn't tell, that is Syl in the white shirt across the pond;o)
Walk Along the Eco Pond Path
01f - Eco Pond at Sunrise01f3a - Eco Pond at Sunrise01f3 - Eco Pond at Sunrise01f4 - Eco Pond at Sunrise01f5 - Eco Pond at Sunrise01f2 - Eco Pond at Sunrise01f6 - Eco Pond at Sunrise
After breakfast, I went on a 3 hour, Ranger led, Bird Walk!!
01i4 - morning bird walk01i4a - morning bird walk01i4b - morning bird walk01i4c - morning bird walk01i4d - morning bird walk01i4e - morning bird walk01i4f - morning bird walk01i4g - morning bird walk01i4h - morning bird walk01i4i - morning bird walk01i4j - morning bird walk01i4k - morning bird walk

After lunch, I took a walk along Florida Bay and Guy Harvey Trail…
Views Across Florida Bay
01h - Florida Bay01h2 - Florida Bay01h3 - Florida Bay01h3a - Florida Bay01h3b - Florida Bay01h4 - Florida Bay01h4a - Florida Bay01i - Visitor Center
Sights Along Guy Harvey Trail
01i2 - Visitor Center01i3 - Visitor Center01i3a - Visitor Center01i3b - Visitor Center01i3c - Visitor Center01i3d - Visitor Center01i3e - Visitor Center01i3f - Visitor Center01i3g - Visitor Center
After dinner, one last walk along Florida Bay near the walk-in tent area…01l1 - Afternoon Florida Bay Tent Area Walk01l2 - Afternoon Florida Bay Tent Area Walk

The next thing I saw was just amazing!!

I have heard of the White Version of the Great Blue Heron but have never seen one.
Last day… Last walk… and you guessed it:o))01l3 - Afternoon Florida Bay Tent Area Walk
Gorgeous… Absolutely Gorgeous!!!
01l4 - Afternoon Florida Bay Tent Area Walk01l5 - Afternoon Florida Bay Tent Area Walk
Not sure what this is??  It was stalking a grasshopper…which it caught!! At a distance I thought, Little Green Heron.  Closer I thought, Least Bittern.  But maybe it is a juvenile American Bittern.  Regardless, it looked like it had an injury to its neck:o(
01l6 - Afternoon Florida Bay Tent Area Walk01l7 - Afternoon Florida Bay Tent Area Walk
View across Florida Bay towards the Rangers’ Housing
01l9 - Afternoon Florida Bay Tent Area Walk01l9b - Afternoon Florida Bay Tent Area Walk01l8 - Afternoon Florida Bay Tent Area Walk
Time to head back towards the campground.
01l9e - Afternoon Florida Bay Tent Area Walk01l9d - Afternoon Florida Bay Tent Area Walk
As I reached the campground, there on their usual perches,
the American Kestrel and Red Shoulder Hawk had come to say goodbye;o))
One last sunset view from the campground!!01m - Final Sunset
Can’t say it enough…


  1. I miss that place. We'll return some day but it would be nice if Verizon internet worked there.

  2. It's quite clear you really enjoyed your time there. I don't think I could go that long without an internet connection though :) I sure have enjoyed it through your eyes though!

  3. This is just a wonderful post to conclude a stay in the Everglades. I'm with you in thinking it is one of the best places I've ever visited. You can do so much in a day and never have to get in your car at all. I love that. This place is in my plan for next winter. Sure wish I could find a 2 week AT&T data card. :-))

  4. Great photos! Can't wait to see what else you guys have been up to!!

  5. I know you said the pythons were a non issue during your visit to the 'Glades, but I'd open your basement compartments very carefully, just the same... ;c)

  6. Beautiful place to visit and glad we got to share it with you guys! :-)
    See you soon.

  7. What a great place. I had forgotten about the views across Florida Bay. The next time we visit, whenever that is, we will definitely stay in "your" campground.