July 3, 2017 - Photos Of The Day - Acadia NP, ME

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Hike to Champlain Mtn via North Ridge Trail
on to The Bowl & Gorham Mtn ending at Loop Rd

Champlain Mountain Summit is JUST up that hill;o)

View heading up Champlain North Ridge Trail!!!

Champlain Summit

View heading down Champlain South Ridge Trail !!!

Gorham Mountain Summit

Heading Down Gorham Mountain Toward Loop Road


  1. What great views I didn't see through the fog the day I hiked it. Thanks for showing them to me. Now I know I need to do it again. Nice job of bagging two peaks.

  2. I somehow believe there may have been a tad of butt hiking involved!!!

  3. The beauty of the area is something to consider a visit to the area. Great pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Awesome views and a great looking hike!