See You Down The Road!! - Sunday, February 26, 2017

WELL... It has been 5 months since I wrote in this blog!!

Since March, 2012 our full-time journey has been full of 
wonderful ups difficult downs!!

After 5 years, we are still loving this lifestyle and plan to continue.
However, it's time to bid the blog  ADIEU...;o))

I will continue to keep our current location as current as possible.
Just check on the right hand column to see where we are.

Please, if you are near...  give us a shout... we'd love to see you :o))
See You Down The Road !!! 

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  1. Posting just periodically will help us stay in touch. Hope to hear from you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. We are hoping to come back east again in 2018 depending on the Canadian $ and fuel prices. If we make it we'll be sure to look you guys up. Are you guys ever going to come out west? Safe travels and please stay in touch.

  3. Even if you don't write the blog anymore, we'll still keep on stalking you! :cD

  4. Are you trying to hide from us? :)
    We'll miss following your blog, but hopefully we'll cross paths again. Maybe you could give facebook a try -- it's so easy to make quick updates to your location and share highlights of your travels.

  5. That's a great picture of you two younguns. Enjoy life and let the blog go! I don't know how some people can continue to post almost daily and keep it fresh. It's almost like having a job. That would really cramp my style.
    See ya down the road!

  6. We are on the same page! Just don't have the time to blog....too busy making memories!

  7. Great picture of you two. Safe travels on your way every where, every day.

  8. Agree with not having time for the blog. We keep tabs of where you are. Enjoy life!!

  9. Not sure the reason for stopping the blog but certainly understand. Even "now and again" updates have been welcome. You guys stay well and we hope to bump into you again.
    Dave & Diane