Waiting for Spring - Thur, Mar 24 to Sun, Apr 18, 2016

Here it is April 18th, almost 2 months since our last post.  

We have been hanging out at Huntington Beach State Park...


Other than the chilly weather, all is well.

We have been getting our annual stuff taken care of
helping my Mother with things she needs.

We spend a great deal of time at Huntington Beach State Park as it is only a few miles from my mother's residence.  While it is convenient, it has gotten very expensive since the rates on the South Carolina Beach State Parks have increased dramatically. We have looked for less expensive options, but that's not happening at the beach. SOOOOO, we decided to take another approach... Work Camping!!

Yep, we have landed a work camping gig at Huntington Beach State Park beginning this May.  This year we will work May, September and December. Then in 2017 and 2018, we will work April, May, September and December. There are 3 work camping positions: Maintenance, Atalaya Host and Camp Host. Most of the time we will be Maintenance which requires 20 hours per week in exchange for a 50amp FHU site:o))  This will save us a ton of money, but more importantly it will help keep Bill busy while I spend time helping my mother!!
This past weekend, we traveled to Jordan Lake State Park to camp with our grand-kids.  We had a chilly start (in the 30s) to each day, but still enjoyed lots of fun as the sun warmed things up.  The grand-kids are getting so big and they are just a wonderful bunch to spend time with. 
Steve (SIL), Julie (daughter)
Grandchildren: Andrew 15, Daniel 14, Emily 10, Samantha 9
Happy 9th Birthday Samantha!!!

Even with a small, sloping yard, we managed to play games!!

Then when we finish with the competition...

There's the TRAINING table...

ice cream and leftover Birthday Cake for all!!!
Grandpop cleaning up the cake pan;o))
We took a nice hike through the woods with the girls!
No camping trip is complete without SMORES...

Time together around the campfire...

Beautiful Sunsets to celebrate each day:o))

Family Time is the BEST Time!!!


  1. Great job of summarizing the important events. Love your solution to high prices in the park. Hope you enjoy it or Bill does! Glad to see a picture of your mom. She looks great. Wonderful family pictures. Boy have those kids grown. Julie, you look FABULOUS!!!!! Looks like Andrew is now looking down on you. Such fun! So nice that you guys can meet up in your rigs and have such a good time! Happy Birthday Samantha!!

  2. Sounds like a great solution! Work Camping is a great way to stay where you need to be, save a little money, and give "somebody" a way to keep busy -- works the same for us! We're currently working on lining up November and December around Charleston.

  3. P.S. You guys are such fun grandparents!!

  4. A way to stay close to family works well and is a great way to save some cash for traveling. Spending time with the grands any time is always fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Workamping is a great way to stretch the budget. Having a gig close to your mom and family is icing on the (birthday) cake!. Be careful, the workamping may be so much fun and rewarding you might want to do even more! :cD

    Super memories with your kids and grands, days spent together are so precious, the grands sure are growing like weeds! ;c)

  6. Good for you deciding to workamp! It's certainly is a great way to keep the money in the bank :)

  7. I like your solution :-). There's nothing better than staying somewhere you love.

  8. That is a wonderful solution. Such a great park and SC is getting a great deal too.

  9. Spring has definitely sprung! Looks like fun family time which is the best! Enjoy work-camping! I know you will! See ya down the road.

  10. So glad you got to spend time with your grandkids and the work kamping job is great!!

  11. I agree with Gyn and Sil --- SC is getting a great deal. Sounds like a good solution that keeps you at the beach and near your mom.

  12. What a great solution to the high SC prices. SC is getting a great deal. The family looks great!

  13. Hope you are enjoying your work camping gig!

  14. Hi Nancy and Bill. This is Bill Smith. I am helping to plan a class of 67 50th reunion. Interested? I would love to connect with you. Are either of you on fb? I am. Hope to hear from you. Bill