The Happiest Place On Earth :o)) - Sun, Jan 17 to Sat, Jan 23, 2016

We haven't gone to far since we left Gamble Rogers.

We managed a short 6 day stay at Santos State Park near Ocala.

While at Santos,
we made a day trip to Cedar Key
to visit with Our Pelicans...
Gin & Syl and Dan & Tricia.
Always great to spend time with them:o))
Our next stop was 9 days at Hillsborough River State Park.  

While at Hillsborough, 
along with some hiking and biking,
we did manage to visit the RV Supershow in Tampa.

So far this winter, 
there has been some very unseasonable and scary weather.
Fortunately, we missed the real nasty stuff.

However, we are still searching for the warm weather ;o((

Currently, we are at The Happiest Place On Earth for the next six days!!!

Cool weather sure doesn't discourage Mr. Happy ;o)))

It may not be warm, 

It Sure Is Happy!!!


  1. LOVE the picture of Bill. Did you hear the music and fireworks at 9:45 to 10:15? Right in our backyard. If not, then 1600 is the charmed sleep circle.

    1. Yep, we live a charmed could hear a pin drop back in the low rent district;o)))

  2. Everybody's doing the locomotion! Whohoo! Have fun and we will be with you in spirit!

  3. Is Bill trying out to be one of the dancers at Cinderella's castle? I know you'll be having a great time at WDW. Wish we were there, but it's a little hard because the grandkids are all in school limiting the opportunities to go there.

    As a consolation, Marti and I are taking a cruise the end of January on the Disney Fantasy. Next best place to WDW. :c)

  4. Wow - You go from one extreme to another!! Now you are posting blogs in advance!! :) Have a blast - you're such kids at heart! We're in the central Florida area, too. In Deland for service the next few days, then over to the OTHER Wilderness Park (where H & L are) on Friday for a week, then a few days in Brooksville and a Monaco Rally at Lazy Days on Feb 2 - 7. From there, we don't know where we're going, but probably further south to find warmer weather! Travel safe & have fun -- maybe we'll cross paths somewhere!

  5. We were in the 1400 loop when we went to WDW before Christmas. I hope the weather holds and you have a great time!

  6. Such wonderful memories when I think of our time there. Locomotion!

  7. Great memories there for sure..locomotion!

  8. Lol, I see there is an inside joke somewhere :) We definitely will be there someday, gotta make the bacon first!

    1. Look at this post and you'll find the "joke" ;o))

  9. How can you NOT have a good time at Disney? I still can't believe you managed to sneak in there perfectly in between our two trips :-(. Have a great time!

  10. Hi Bill & Nancy, just found your blog when I was looking for a picture of the bridge in Oscar Scherer that leads to the campground. Do you mind if I use it, with full credit and a link of course, in our blog? We are full time RVers spending the winter in Florida as well, and many of the places you have stayed are ones we have stayed at or near as well. Our blog is
    Jack and Rosemarie

  11. You do not have a follow by email, only a join this blog link. I never think to check on the blogs I "follow" and rely more on blogs that I follow by email. I like getting an email when a blogger updates their blog. If you would add that function to your blog, I would sign up to follow by email. We start full time RVing in 9 months. I am looking forward to meeting RVers that I follow by email. Russ