All's Well - Sunday, February 8, 2015

Yep, it has been awhile since our last post on January 19th!!  

But rest assured,  ALL'S  WELL :o))

Since that time, 
we have spent 2 weeks at Myakka State Park 
6 days here at Lake Manatee State Park. 

We are having so much fun that blogging just doesn't get done.
I have no idea when or if I will ever get posts done for the previous stays:-((

Our next move will take us to places where we may be out of touch.
So I wanted to give a heads up to family and friends in case you try to reach us.

Tomorrow,  Monday - February 9th,
we move further south to Midway Campground near Big Cypress Preserve.  
We probably will still have internet and phone at Midway!!  

However, Thursday - February 12th, 
we head to Flamingo in the Everglades for 11 days.

We know we WILL NOT have any connection while we are there.

If you need us, in an emergency only, call 


That number will get you Park Dispatch.  
Explain that you need to reach us because of an emergency.  
Tell them our names and that we are camping in Loop T at Flamingo Campground. 
They will contact us and we will get back with you.

We are hoping all stays well and we don't hear from any of you ;o)))

We will be back on the grid, Monday - February 23rd.

Since I can't post a blog without at least 1 photo,
here is one for all of you dealing with the bitter cold!!

Bill and I picked strawberries today and my basil is very, very HAPPY !!!



  1. Fun times coming up in the hinterlands. Think of me at Eco Pond. Would love to be there with you. Maybe another year.

  2. We will miss you at Midway. We're expecting to be there the 17th and 18th.

    Is that your Blairsville basil? It looks very healthy.

    1. No Karen, that Basil bit the dust when we were in South Carolina in December. Some how the 20 degrees with windchill of 8 didn't agree with that Basil;o(( I just replanted all my basil when we got to Florida in mid January!!

  3. Your basil looks wonderful! I've been going to Publix every other day to buy fresh Florida strawberries :) They are so good I could just eat them and forget about other food...temporarily anyhow :)

  4. Too funny, making fun of those poor folks fighting winter's worst. I love it.

    Have a great time away from technology and communing with Mother Nature! :c)

  5. I totally understand about not keeping the blog current. ;-). Too busy staying busy! Enjoy Flamingo!

  6. All these Flamingo posts make me want to be there! Of course it ain't bad here in CA either :)

  7. Enjoy your time "off the grid"!
    Safe travels!